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Mike Gold

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13 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    The double paging on this issue seems to be messed up, at least for the moment. That makes it hard to fully appreciate what are some very stunning and exciting drawings. There are some interesting poetic elements here. Pages 128-129 show the same people as pages 120-121: John's friends, the gay couple and the black family. (Does Jon know the gay couple and the black family too?) The lighting of the tree comes at the same moment in time as the bomb exploding. Obviously, Bashira had a dark sense of humor and wanted it that way. Now, Mike Grell shows WAVES of orange, yellow and red coming from behind the bank vault door. Is this just a visual representation of the sound? Or are these waves meant to show radiation? Will Jon Sable and/or Maggie the Cat be dealing with radiation poisoning or cancer in the near future? From the final page in the epilogue, where a very feral looking Sable is pouncing on the cringing Prinsloo, I'd say Jon is looking pretty healthy. But he seems pissed.The Nubile Nubian Goddess of Death makes a reappearance on the final page. I guess Death doesn't always have to be a pasty-faced, English, goth chick.Kudos to ComicMix for bringing back Jon Sable Freelance! Thanks Mike, Glenn, John, Mike and Shannon. I'm looking forward to "The Rules of the Hunt."

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      The lack of double page spreads in this installment is a technical glitch, our crack tech team is on it now. Which is as good a place as any to acknowledge the tremendous efforts of Craig Wood, Brian Alvey, and all the other code jockeys who keep these comics coming to you.As far as radiation poisoning, Jon's nega-bands protected him from the– what? No nega-bands? Umm… yes, it's really representing sound and concussion. The high explosive isn't much more than a grenade or two, the vaults are more than capable of containing the explosion and radiation. Mind you, no one's going to want to go inside it for a few years…

      • Alan Coil says:

        Maybe it is connected to the previously mentioned problem, but the lettering is too small when viewed as a 2-page spread. My eyes are old.

        • Glenn Hauman says:

          Even zoomed in?

          • Alan Coil says:

            Well, of course I can zoom in, but that takes another few minutes to load once I realize the print seems too small. I'm on dial up, as is over 40% of the country.

      • Russ Rogers says:

        You are right about the tremendous efforts of your code jockeys. The two page spread problem is already fixed! And ComicMix has the best comics reader I've found on the web. It's simpler than .pdf files, probably more secure too. The comics are legible and easy to navigate. It doesn't try to animate the speech balloons or sound effects. I find most of that stuff distracting. It just does a fine job of simulating the "comic book" experience on a computer.

  2. Tim Tyler says:

    Bravo!! Loved it. Will buy it in dead tree form. Can't wait until the next one. Peace.

  3. slegge says:

    > Does Jon know the gay couple and the black family too?The feller is Myke's roommate Grey (p.38). The black family is police Captain Winters' (p.64). Speaking of previous pages, I was sorta waiting for Sonny's funky flame-thrower to make an appearance (p.34). ;-)This story was really great, Mike's best work in years. I'm first in line for the TPB. Well done!If you're taking requests for what comes next, bring on the long lost Maggie #3! (But, of course, I want it in the same thick-stroked inking style as the original #1 and #2 — us Grell-nuts are a demanding bunch, aren't we? ;)Tally ho!

    • Russ Rogers says:

      Good eye, slegge! That is Grey, maybe out with his large-handed therapist, Tim. And yeah, I should have recognized Winters. There is something that gets lost when you just read the serialized bits over a period of months. I may need to go back again and read the book as a whole. A TPB would be nice for that!You weren't the only one expecting to see that funky flame thrower again. But Sonny's line to Jon's asking what's new (p.34), "Just the usual Holiday Fun…drive by shootings, political scandals, suicide bombings in the middle east…", that is definitely a bit of foreshadowing. It all shows an attention to detail in the plot, script and art for this story. Like you said, well done!

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      The flamethrower? It says right on the tag– oh, wait, that was covered up by a word balloon. Well, that's what the DVD is for.

  4. Mark Stanislawski says:

    Another great Jon Sable story! Man, Mike Grell can draw some pretty woman figures! I hope this does come out in tpb form, the double-page spreads will look awesome! Well, more awesome than they already do!I cannot wait for the next arc! Here's looking forward to it!

  5. Andrew Collins says:

    That was a great Jon Sable adventure! Been loving every page of it. The sequel already can't come fast enough. Now that it's done, I have to ask- any timetable for a hardcopy print version? Oh, and I echo the request for the rest of Maggie The Cat. I've been hanging on to that cliffhanger from issue #2 for almost 15 years now! :)

  6. james d says:

    I like what i read and as alway the art work was great. I hope to see more and I like to know if you can get a hard copy of the story.