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On his website, New Pulp Author Win Scott Eckert shared the cover reveal for the upcoming release of Philip José Farmer’s Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke.

From www.winscotteckert.com
With a tip of the hat to Rias Nuninga at the Philip José Farmer International Bibliography site, I’m pleased to reveal the cover for the new German edition of Farmer’s Wold Newton novel The Adventure of the Peerless Peer.

The new edition, Sherlock Holmes und die Legende von Greystoke (Sherlock Holmes and the Legend of Greystoke), is forthcoming in Spring 2013 from Atlantis Verlag (German version). English translation: Atlantis Verlag.

I’m very happy to report that the afterword I penned for the Titan Books reissue (The Peerless Peer, June 2011) has also been translated and will be included in the German edition. The foreword is by Christian Endres and the new cover is by Mark Freier.

The book will be available in hardcover, softcover, and eBook.


(Promotional art – not actual cover)

New Pulp Author Win Scott Eckert announced on his blog that he is writing a new novel for Moonstone Books, Honey West and T.H.E Cat: A GIRL AND HER CAT!

It’s Honey West and T.H.E Cat, in the first new Honey West novel in over 40 years, A Girl and Her Cat!

Following on the heels of the first ever Honey West & T.H.E Cat crossover comic, Moonstone’s “Death in the Desert,” comes the Honey West & T.H.E Cat novel, A Girl and Her Cat…..

When an exotic green-eyed Asian doctor hires Honey to recover a stolen sample of a new influenza vaccine from a rival scientist, the blonde bombshell private eye—suspicious but bored—takes the case. But after she’s attacked not once, but twice, on her way from Long Beach to San Francisco to track down her quarry, she knows there’s more—much more—to her femme fatale client than meets the eye.

Along the way, Honey’s one-time paramour Johnny Doom—ex-bounty hunter and current Company agent—reenters the picture, and the gorgeous doctor’s insidious—and deadly—grandfather deals himself in. But when Honey questions whether Johnny’s playing her game, or just playing her for a patsy, she joins forces—as only Honey can—with the one man in Frisco who can help her recover the stolen vaccine-cum-bioweapon and prevent a worldwide epidemic—former cat burglar-turned-bodyguard Thomas Hewitt Edward Cat: T.H.E Cat!

Join writers Win Scott Eckert and Matthew Baugh, and cover artist Douglas Klauba, for A Girl and Her Cat, a groovy, racy 1960s romp coming in 2013 from Moonstone!


New Pulp Author Win Scott Eckert shared news on some upcoming Philip Jose Farmer releases from Titan Books.

COMING ON MARCH 12, 2013! Pre-order your copy now…

One man survived.

The great white whale with its strange passenger, and the strangled monomaniac its trailer, had dived deeply. The whaling ship was on its last, its vertical, voyage. Even the hand with the hammer and the hawk with its wing nailed to the mast were gone to the deeps, and the ocean had smoothed out the tracks of man with all the dexterity of billions of years of practice. The one man thrown from the boat swam about, knowing that he would soon go down to join his fellows.

And then the black bubble, the last gasp of the sinking ship, burst. out of the bubble the coffin-canoe of Queequeg soared, like a porpoise diving into the sky, and fell back, rolled, steadied, and then bobbed gently. The porpoise had become a black bottle containing a message of hope.


COMING ON JUNE 11, 2013! Now available for pre-order

Three figures moved in and out of the shadows of clouds and trees. The moon was riding high over the alpine mountain of Gramz in the Black Forest of southern Germany, only a few miles from the Swiss border. Long black clouds raced under it like lean wolves lashed by moonlight beams. Their shadow selves loped over the precipitous western side of Gramz Berg, bounding over the squat and massive stone pile of the castle on top of the mountain, writhing down the jagged slope toward the narrow sheen of the Toll River two thousand feet below.

The three figures were men toiling up the rock-strewn, pine-dotted slant. One was six feet seven inches high. He had the body of a Hercules. His bare head glinted dark-bronzish in the moonlight. If there had been more light, his eyes would have been a very light gray-green with many flecks of bright yellow.


TALES OF THE WOLD NEWTON UNIVERSE, by Philip Jose Farmer and others, coming from Titan Books in October 2013!


Coming Soon.


Titan Books continues to re-release the Philip Jose Farmer library in January with the release of Hadon of Ancient Opar, the first of the Khokarsa Series chronicling Wold Newton’s Prehistory. Look for this title to be available in paperback and ebook on January 15th.

About Hadon of Ancient Opar:
Twelve thousand years ago the great lost city of Opar was in its prime, with its Atlantean tradition, its fabled jewels, its living goddess and Hadon, son of ancient Opar, whose claim to a throne launches him upon an enthralling and dangerous venture.

A brand-new edition of the classic novel.


Moonstone Books has released their solicitation information for their pulp titles appearing in bookstores and comic book shops March 2013. These titles are available now for pre-order through your favorite bookseller.

Cover Art: Mark Maddox

Written by James Mullaney, cover by Mark Maddox.

By the author of The New Destroyer, the Adventures of Remo Williams! Who is the Red Menace? In the 1950s, the mysterious masked figure was a shadow and a whisper in Cold War corridors from Moscow to Beijing. Where walked the Red Menace, America’s enemies knew fear. And death. Then in 1960 the whisper grew silent. Twelve years later, Patrick “Podge” Becket thinks he’s escaped the spy game for good, but into his restless retirement steps a ghost from his past; a bitter Russian colonel with nothing to lose and the means to wreak worldwide destruction. Aided by brilliant inventor and physician Dr. Thaddeus Wainwright, the Red Menace is reborn for a new generation. But it’s a whole new world out there, and if he doesn’t watch his step the swingin’ Seventies might just find him red and buried!
256 pages, $6.99.

Edited by Nancy Holder, Joe Gentile, written by Matthew Baugh, James Chambers, Greg Cox, Win Scott Eckert, CJ Henderson, Michael May, Matthew Mayo, Will Murray, Bobby Nash, Mel Odom, Barry Reese, Chris Sequeira, John Small, David White, softcover cover by E.M. Gist, hardcover cover by Jay Piscopo.

The greatest crime-fighter of the 40’s returns in a third thrilling collection of original action-packed tales of adventure, intrigue, and revenge. Life was bliss for millionaire adventurer Richard Henry Benson until that fateful day crime and greed took away his wife and young daughter…and turned him into something more than human.

Driven by loss, compelled by grief, he becomes a chilled impersonal force of justice, more machine than man, dedicated to the destruction of evildoers everywhere. A figure of ice and steel, more pitiless than both, Benson has been forged into an avatar of vengeance, possessed of superhuman genius supernormal power. His frozen face and pale eyes, like a polar dawn, only hint at the terrible force the underworld heedlessly invoked upon itself the day they created…The Avenger!
Softcover, 314 pages, $18.95.
Hardcover, 330 pages, $32.95.

Cover Art: Paul Gulacy

Written by Mike Bullock, art by Jose Massaroli, cover by Paul Gulacy.

Collecting issue #1 and the only-available-in-hardcover issues #2 and #3! Ripped from today’s world news comes a re-imagining of the classic jungle girl genre debuting a new hero for the modern age! Join the Rae sisters, recent UCLA grads, as they travel across modern-day Africa finding their place and making a difference. Guided by the mysterious Mr. Eden, they assume the identity of a mythical goddess and reveal their Savage Beauty. Mike Bullock presents a fresh new spin on the genre, featuring real-world conflicts in Africa and beyond.
74 pages, $11.99.

Learn more about Moonstone Books at www.moonstonebooks.com.


Cover Art: Nathalie Lial

COMING DECEMBER 2012 – Tales of the Shadowmen 9: La Vie en Noir, featuring the “Wold Newton Origins” story “Violet’s Lament” by Win Scott Eckert… Direct from Black Coat Press!

About Tales of the Shadowmen – La Vie en Noir:
If Edith Piaf liked to sing about la vie en rose, this volume of Tales of the Shadowmen, the first and only international anthology devoted to paying homage to the world’s most fantastic heroes and villains, is dedicated to la vie en noir, the darker side of life.

And what could be darker than the sinister brotherhood of criminals known as the Black Coats and their legendary treasure, a malignant self-aware entity that is the embodiment of greed and avarice?

You will also find gathered here stories about the evil Fantômas and the mysterious Yellow Shadow, the crafty Doctor Cornelius and the megalomaniacal Sun Koh, the ruthless Irma Vep and the frightful Bride of Frankenstein; in these pages, you will read tales of creatures and zombies, and things from otherworldly reals, and likely gasp at the most monstrous couple of parents ever imagined…

This issue contains stories by some of New Pulp’s finest, including…
Matthew Baugh: Tournament of the Treasure starring Steve Costigan, Townsend Harper, The Black Coats.
Nicholas Boving: Wings of Fear starring Harry Dickson, Bulldog Drummond.
Robert Darvel: The Man With the Double Heart starring The Nyctalope.
Visions of the Nyctalope (illustrated portfolio)
Matthew Dennion: The Treasure of Everlasting Life starring Allan Quatermain, Dr. Miguelito Loveless, The Black Coats.
Win Scott Eckert: Violet’s Lament starring Sir Percy Blakeney’s daughter, Countess Nadine Carody, The Black Coats.
Martin Gately: Wolf at the Door of Time starring Doctor Omega, Moses Nebogipfel, The Nyctalope.
Travis Hiltz: What Lurks in Romney Marsh? starring Doctor Omega, Doctor Syn.
Paul Hugli: As Time Goes By… starring Doctor Omega, Rick Blaine.
Rick Lai: Gods of the Underworld starring The Black Coats, Vautrin, Doctor Lerne.
Jean-Marc Lofficier: Dad starring Glinda.
Nigel Malcolm: To Dust and Ashes, in its Heat Consuming starring Harry Dickson, Professor Quatermass.
David McDonald: Diplomatic Freeze starring Flashman’s son, The Nyctalope’s father, The People of the Pole.
Christofer Nigro: Death of a Dream starring The Phantom of the Opera, The Black Coats, The Domino Lady.
John Peel: The Benevolent Burglar starring Maigret, J.G. Reeder, The Saint
Neil Penswick: The Conspiracy of Silence starring Fantômas.
Pete Rawlik: Professor Peaslee Plays Paris starring Pr. Nathaniel Wingate Peaslee, Hercule Flambeau, The Black Coats.
Joshua Reynolds: Nestor Burma Goes West starring Nestor Burma, Jim Anthony, Irma Vep.
Frank Schildiner: The True Cost of Doing Business starring Mr. Big, The Black Coats.
Bradley H. Sinor: The Silence starring Michel Ardan, Colonel Moran, John Carter.
Michel Stéphan: Vampire in the Fist starring Irma Vep.

Edited by J-M & R. Lofficier
Cover by Nathalie Lial

Learn more at www.blackcoatpress.com.


Cover: Douglas Klauba

Moonstone Books has released Green Hornet: Still At Large in ebook format at Amazon (Kindle) and Barnes & Noble (Nook).

Edited by Joe Gentile, Win Scott Eckert, and Matthew Baugh, this third anthology featuring the 1960s Green Hornet, based on the television program starring Van Williams and Bruce Lee, follows The Green Hornet Chronicles and The Green Hornet Casefiles.

Cover: Ruben Procopio

“Hero” by S.J. Rozan
“The Black Torpedo” by Will Murray
“The World Will End in Fire” by Richard Dean Starr
“The Man Inside” by Matthew Baugh
“Death from Beyond” by Ron Fortier
“Play the Game” by Thom Brannan
“The Gauntlet” by Bobby Nash
“Chaos and the Year of the Dog” by Bobbie Metevier
“Axford’s Sting” by Dan Wickline
“Revenge of the Yellowjacket” by Howard Hopkins
“The Man in the Picture” by Patricia Weakley
“Masks” by C.J. Henderson
“Bad Man’s Blunder” by John Allen Small
“Losers, Weepers” by Rich Harvey
“Stormfront” by Greg Gick
“The Night I Met The Hornet” by Mel Odom
“Progress” by Win Scott Eckert

Ordering information:
Amazon (ebook)
B&N (ebook)
Moonstone direct (trade paperback)
Moonstone direct (limited hardcover)
Amazon (trade paperback)
Amazon (limited hardcover)
B&N (trade paperback)
B&N (limited hardcover)


A Feast Unknown (Secrets of the Nine #1 – Wold Newton Parallel Universe) (Memoirs of Lord Grandrith) comes out in a mere four days in the US, in both print and eBook!

The diaries of Lord Grandrith, the legendary Apeman, Lord of the Jungle and bastard son of Jack the Ripper. Blessed with unnatural long life, his power brings with it a gruesome side effect – one shared by his nemesis, the formidable Doc Caliban, Man of Bronze and Champion of Justice.

But these two titans have more in common than they could ever have imagined. Who are the dark manipulators of their destiny?

A brand-new edition of the controversial novel can be found at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Forbidden Planet, or wherever your favorite pulp fiction is sold.