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Mechanoid Press has released a press release for their upcoming anthology, Monster Earth.

Contact: James Palmer


Monster Earth Coming Soon!

Atlanta, GA—James Palmer, editor and publisher of Mechanoid Press, an independent publishing imprint specializing in New Pulp, science fiction, and more, is proud to announce the upcoming release of its first anthology MONSTER EARTH.

MONSTER EARTH harkens back to the classic giant monsters of yesteryear like Godzilla, Mothra, Gamera, and King Kong, while focusing on the human element and what it would be like to live in such a world where giant monsters terrorize the Earth.

“There have been a few other giant monster anthologies over the years,” says Palmer. “But our book is going to be a bit different. It has a unifying concept, as well as a solid pulp style of storytelling.”

Developed by MONSTER EARTH co-editor Jim Beard (writer, Captain Action and the Riddle of the Glowing Men), each story in the book takes place in a different decade of the 20th century, which leads to a Cold War fought with giant monsters rather than the threat of nuclear weapons.

“I really wanted all the stories to have an underlying thread that weaves between them all the stories, and Jim really came up with a winner.”

The stories in MONSTER EARTH have a strong human angle as well.

“Focusing in on the human beings living in this world is important to me,” says Palmer. “The monsters are like forces of nature, with the humans trying to control them. But don’t worry, these aren’t just regular human interest stories with a monster thrown in for window dressing. There are plenty of great monster battles and more than enough citywide destruction to please the most discerning kaiju fan – and anyone who loves a good tale.

Palmer and Beard have assembled a great line-up of New Pulp all-stars to give us their visions of a world ruled by giant monsters. MONSTER EARTH will include stories by I.A. Watson (Sherlock Holmes, Blackthorn: Dynasty of Mars), Ed Erdelac (The Merkabah Rider), Nancy Hansen, and newcomer Jeff McGinnis. Beard and Palmer will also provide stories, and there will be a free online bonus tale by Jeff McGinnis coming out shortly before the book’s release.

MONSTER EARTH is slated for a Christmas release, and will be available in print and ebook formats.

For more information and updates, including a preview of the cover and table of contents when they are finalized, go to http://www.mechanoidpress.com/ and sign up for our FREE newsletter.

About Mechanoid Press

Mechanoid Press is a new imprint specializing in science fiction, New Pulp, and steampunk ebooks and anthologies. For more, visit http://www.mechanoidpress.com/ or follow the robot revolution on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mechanoidpress. You can also like Mechanoid Press on Facebook.


Press Release:

Airship 27 Productions announces the release of their newest pulp anthology title, SINBAD – The New Voyages.

The greatest seafaring adventurer of all times returns to the high seas, Sinbad the Sailor!

Born of countless legends and myths, this fearless rogue sets sail across the seven seas aboard his ship, the Blue Nymph, accompanied by an international crew of colorful, larger-than-life characters. Chief among these are the irascible Omar, a veteran seamen and trusted first mate, the blond Viking giant, Ralf Gunarson, the sophisticated archer from Gaul, Henri Delacrois and the mysterious, lovely and deadly female samurai, Tishimi Osara.  All of them banded together to follow their famous captain on perilous new voyages across the world’s oceans.

“This was another opportunity for us to explore another classic pulp genre,” Managing Editor Ron Fortier explained.  “Fantasy high adventure was a popular setting in many of the more exotic themed pulp titles of the 1930s.  Doing one starring Sinbad seemed a natural choice for us.”

Writers Nancy Hansen, I.A. Watson and Derrick Ferguson offer up three classic Sinbad tales to rival those of legend while adding a familiar sensibility from the cult favorite Sinbad movies of FX master, Ray Harryhausen.  SINBAD – The New Voyages will enthrall and entertain all lovers of fantasy adventure in a brand new way; featuring cover art by Bryan Fowler and twelve black and white illustrations by Ralf van der Hoeven.

“From inception to realization, this was one of the fastest titles we’ve ever put together,” Fortier added.  “In fact we received so many submissions that we had enough to fill two books.  You can expect volume two to sail over the horizon soon.  And we couldn’t be happier.”

So pack up your you traveling bags, bid ado to your loved ones and get ready to sail with the tide as Sinbad El Ari takes the tiller and the Blue Nymph sets sails once more; its destination worlds of wonder, mystery and high adventure. 

AIRSHIP 27 PRODUCTIONS – Pulp Fiction For A New Generation!

Now available as $3 PDF download
From Create Space
Later from Indy Planet.com POD
And coming soon to Amazon & Kindle.


Pro Se Productions, one of the leading publishers in the New Pulp Movement, announces today the release of its latest volume, the newest release from the author centered imprint Hansen’s Way.  From the fantastic mind of one of Pro Se’s best selling authors, Nancy A. Hansen, comes a collection filled with Magick and Heroism, Monsters and Adventure- THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD!

 When the northern frontier of a world in upheaval most needed a champion, a champion arrived– a short statured, buxom woman with piercing green eyes, a sizable streak of stubbornness, and a determined spirt that refused to accept defeat. Roshanna the Huntress is the warder of enchanted Greenwood, both a wanted outlaw and staunch defender of all good beings. With bloodlines of Elf, Dwarf, and Human coursing in her veins, she tirelessly treks the forest and countryside, bow over her shoulder and knife at her hip, struggling to maintain an uneasy peace while fighting to keep the creations of a Dark God at bay. 

Acclaimed Author Nancy Hansen and her own Pro Se imprint, Hansen’s Way, presents THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD, a collection of thrilling tales of fantasy and adventure where a world of magick exists a mere heartbeat away! From Pro Se Productions– Puttin’ The Monthly Back into Pulp!

Now Available from Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/d6jw8el and at www.prosepulp.com! Coming soon in Digital Format! Featuring stunning cover artwork from David Russell and format and design from Sean E. Ali!

Looking for Action and Magick?  Ready for Creatures and Chaos and a bow slinging Heroine to save the day?  Then Nancy A. Hansen’s HUNTRESS FROM GREENWOOD is what you’re looking for.  From Hansen’s Way, an imprint of Pro Se Productions- Puttin’ The Monthly Back into Pulp!


Pro Se Productions continues its tradition of Puttin’ The Monthly Back Into Pulp with the latest issue of its award winning monthly magazine, PRO SE PRESENTS!  Featuring the debut of a new mystery series- The Keener Eye- by Pro Se best selling author Nancy Hansen as well as an edge of your seat tale of violent suspense- Tomahawk Mountain- by Pro Se author Kevin Rodgers, this eleventh issue of PRO SE PRESENTS is a one two punch of pulpy goodness!  With stunning cover and interior design by Sean Ali, Pro Se Presents #11 delivers action and adventure!

Get your copy today on Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/7eedumq and at www.prosepulp.com 

(NOTE- For some reason that cannot be changed according to Createspace, this issue is listed as PRO SE PRESENTS NUMBER TWELVE, but is actually #11)  Only $6.00!  And coming soon as an ebook!

Pro Se Productions is a leading publisher in the New Pulp Movement.  Find out more at www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com and www.prosepulp.com!


Up and coming Pulp Authors Lee Houston Jr. and Nancy Hansen each one a staff writer and editor for Pro Se Productions, will be on local radio station WILI AM’s Wayne Norman morning show next Tuesday February 28th. They will be talking about their books and writing, and all sorts of things pertaining to New Pulp. Best part of this is, those shows get archived so even if you are out of the listening area (Connecticut) , the show can be heard via a link provided following the show.

Here’s the station info, scroll down in the blue box on the right and you will see the listing: http://www.wili.com/am/index.htm

Hansen’s latest work is ‘Tales of the Vagabond Bards’ and currently available at Amazon and at www.prosepulp.com.  Be on the lookout for Houston’s next novel, ‘Alpha’ coming from Pro Se in May! 


Pro Se Productions released a trailer spotlighting the latest release from the New Pulp Publisher!  Want a sneak peek at what awaits you between the covers of Nancy Hansen’s latest collection from Pro Se?   Interested in the first book from the latest author focused imprint, HANSEN’S WAY?  Then Hansen and Pro Se invite you to check out this trailer featuring the art of David Russell and share with the world that everyone should learn of the “Tales of the Vagabond Bards!’


Pro Se Productions

Press Release for Immediate Release-


Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher in the New Pulp Movement, announced its latest release today!  A three story collection entitled ‘Tales of the Vagabond Bards’ written by Nancy Hansen is now available.   Hansen, a prolific author in Pulp Fantasy, follows up her first novel, “Fortune’s Pawn” with this trio of tales set in the same world as the novel, but looking at events through a different set of eyes.

According to Pro Se, “In a time of upheaval, where magick and religion often collide, those who keep the old ways are increasingly shunned and ridiculed. The Vagabond Bards, a dedicated group of musicians, singers, actors, poets, and teachers of the unwritten oral folklore of the Terran Worlds, are finding themselves coming under pressure to disband or face probable imprisonment—even death. For generations these roving men and women have spread throughout the population, dedicating their lives to educating and assisting their fellow Humans while recording and preserving their knowledge and experiences, making sure the tales of the past are kept alive throughout the mostly illiterate masses. Sworn to Understand, Love, and Keep the Truth, they now face strong opposition from the upstart religion of Helios the Sun God, whose belief is sweeping the countryside, rewriting history and changing views of the past in the most alarming manner. These are the tales of those heroic troubadours, who fight for justice not with weapons, but with words.”

This exciting collection of fantasy fiction from one of New Pulp’s brightest stars in the genre not only debuts a whole new cast of characters and tales from Hansen, but is also the first volume in Pro Se’s latest author focused imprint-Hansen’s Way!

There are times when it is mindboggling,” commented Hansen concerning her work leading to her own imprint, “and I’m surprised I can keep the details straight. When I was approached about having my own imprint—which is an honor for someone who previous to 2010 was an unknown writer—I immediately thought about all those Terran World (the home of the Vagabond Bards) short stories, and bringing them in under one banner. I have 5 different series amongst those right now; each series with its own unique setting and recurring characters, and there have been some crossover characters and settings between them. It just makes more sense to keep them under one flagship imprint than scattering them hither and yon in other publications.”

“Nancy is a hit,” stated Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se, “both with the company and readers eager to follow her work.  “Fortune’s Pawn” had a great showing as a debut novel and Nancy has so many stories bubbling and ready to boil over, stories that appeal to all sorts of readers-Pulp fans, fantasy followers, and more!  And now they can all easily find her work by following ‘Hansen’s Way.’”

Hansen’s Way is the latest Pro Se imprint.  Following the announcement mid 2010 of Reese Unlimited, the first Pro Se imprint, Hansen’s Way is the second Author Focused Imprint from the publisher.  “When an author,” Hancock commented, “presents not only with a large, but a solid body of work, such as the imaginative worlds of fantasy whirling around in Nancy’s mind, it makes sense to put them in a package, in a sense.  Especially when the stories hit a vein with fans as Nancy’s obviously have.” 

“Tales of the Vagabond Bards” is available via Amazon as well as via Pro Se Pulp’s CreateSpace store (https://www.createspace.com/3778916) in print and will be available via Smashwords and Amazon as an ebook within the next week!

For more information on this title or any Pro Se publication, email Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net and check out Pro Se at www.prosepulp.com!


Pro Se Productions, Publisher of the monthly New Pulp Magazine PRO SE PRESENTS, announced today its magazine lineup for the first quarter of 2012!  This lineup includes not only works from multiple writers, both new and familiar to New Pulp fans, but also features the first collaboration between Pro Se and noted New Pulp Publisher, White Rocket Books!

“Pro Se is ecstatic,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief of and Partner in Pro Se Productions, stated today, “to be working with White Rocket Books and especially its owner and premier writer, Van Allen Plexico.   Known as one of the leading New Pulp writers today and able to bridge nearly any genre, Van brings a special touch to anything he writes and creates.   For Pro Se to be able to give Van a vehicle to showcase his latest upcoming work HAWK in a monthly magazine format is an opportunity we couldn’t pass up.”

HAWK: HAND OF THE MACHINE is a stand-alone piece including an excerpt from Plexico’s HAWK novel, to be published by White Rocket Books in 2012, reworked to be a story all its own.  It spotlights the title character, a member of a force of protectors of space and its galaxies and planets.  HAND OF THE MACHINE will be featured in two parts beginning in PRO SE PRESENTS #7, February 2012, and ending in PRO SE PRESENTS # 8, March 2012.  HAWK will also be the cover feature for the March issue.

“I couldn’t be happier,” said Van Allen Plexico, creator of HAWK and Publisher of White Rocket Books, “to see HAWK getting to make his mark for the first time in the pages of PRO SE PRESENTS, before he appears anywhere else.  I think HAWK will appeal to readers of all sorts–from military SF fans to space opera aficionados to pure pulp action/adventure fans–and Pro Se has positioned itself to reach that kind of broad audience and bring them the best that New Pulp has to offer.

Plexico continued, “The readers of PRO SE PRESENTS will discover a new character and a new universe to get into and enjoy, and my own readers will check out the magazine and find in it a publication that they will truly get a kick out of every month.  My thanks go out to Tommy Hancock and his merry band of Pulpsters for giving HAWK this kind of spotlight to make his big debut!”
The tales that make up the rest of PRO SE PRESENTS for the January, February, and March issues only show how varied the New Pulp field and the content from Pro Se can be!   Featuring stories from various genres by Kevin Rodgers, Megan Smith, PJ Lozito, James Palmer, Frank Schildiner, Ken Janssens, and Ashley Strole Mangin, the first three months of PRO SE PRESENTS is full of intergalactic adventure, Private Eyes of a feminine persuasion, dimension hopping teenagers, monster hunting gangsters, masked heroes, eerie Villains cast in classic molds, and so much more!  Known for Puttin’ The Monthly Back into Pulp, PRO SE PRESENTS is headed up by Lee Houston, Jr., Magazine Editor in Chief and edited by Houston, Frank Schildiner, Nancy Hansen, and Don Thomas!

For more information on Pro Se and when PRO SE PRESENTS is available, like PRO SE PRODUCTIONS on Facebook and follow www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com and www.prosepulp.com for all the latest on Pro Se Productions!



Pro Se Productions, a company specializing in New Pulp magazines and books, is proud to announce that the debut novel from Pro Se Author Nancy Hansen is the closing salvo to Pro Se’s first full year of active publishing.  And this first book, entitled ‘Fortune’s Pawn’, in a trilogy is also currently Pro Se’s best selling title to date!

“We started out,” Tommy Hancock, Pro Se’s Editor in Chief said, “specializing solely in magazines and at that time our mantra was ‘Putting the Monthly Back Into Pulp!’  When we moved away from magazines for a bit and went into anthologies and novels, the slogan didn’t change and neither did the commitment behind it.  The magazines are back now and still Pro Se is all about making sure that there’s a new Pro Se title on an average of once a month!  And we are extremely pleased that the work that closed our first year of Publishing was Nancy Hansen’s first novel.”

“The basic premise is classic and familiar,” states Barry Reese of ALL PULP in a review of the book.  “A prophecy warns that a red-haired child will rise up to overthrow the bad guys so the villains are out killing everyone with red hair. One infant survives such an attack and grows up to become our protagonist. Callie is an enjoyable character and her motivations and emotions are well depicted.”

‘Fortune’s Pawn’ is the first of a trilogy, but it comes from the mind of Nancy Hansen, a writer who made her debut in the Pro Se magazine line.  Almost instantly, Nancy gained the title of being one of the most prolific writers in New Pulp, turning out more than twenty stories and juggling no less than three or four universes, most largely fantasy of some sort, almost instantly.   “Nancy’s a godsend,” Hancock stated.  “There such a richness and vitality to her take on fantasy, plus she writes as frequently as most people eat it seems, so it’s a win-win for her fans and for Pro Se.”

The inaugural publishing year of Pro Se not only ended on a high note with ‘Fortune’s Pawn’, but was filled with several notable works.  8 issues of the initial magazine lines kicked off the company and now, although down to one magazine, ‘Pro Se Presents’ has recently brought Pro Se back to the magazine business.  That combined with the debut novel from New Pulp author Tommy Hancock (YesterYear) and the continuation of the New Pulp Classic series created and penned by Barry Reese, “The Rook: Volume Six.” Pro Se also created and coordinated PULP ARK, the first New Pulp Convention, this past May.

“We are beyond amazed,” Hancock said, “at how quickly and how successful this year has been for Pro Se.  And there’s no sign it’s slowing down with all the things in the works that I can’t even talk about right now.  I will say this, though.  The mantra, the slogan, it’s not changed one bit.”

Pro Se is definitely Putting the Monthly Back into Pulp!

Pro Se Productions- www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com
Fuller Bumpers-Chief Executive Officer
Tommy Hancock- Editor in Chief

Reviews from the 86th Floor: Barry Reese looks at Fortune’s Pawn

Written by Nancy A. Hansen
Pro Se Press
ISBN 9781466243460
179 pages, $12.00

Okay, let’s establish something right away: I don’t generally read fantasy. I did when I was younger, really digging Dragonlance and the like… but nowadays, the only time I read fantasy is when I dig open a Robert E. Howard collection for old-times sake. So I’m not really the target audience for this one. But I’ve read some short stories by Nancy in the past and enjoyed them so I figured I’d dive into her first novel and see how it went.

First impressions: the cover is intriguing but I really, really would not have obscured the title. This is okay if it’s Spider-Man or something: we all know what the title is anyway so breaking it or obscuring it can be a bold design move. But when it’s an unfamiliar title (especially one that’s rendered in a confusing font), I think it’s not bold… I think it’s not wise. I showed the book to three different people and not one of them could figure out what the title was from the front or spine — the font chosen was way too busy. It looks like the book is called Forgude’s Pawd.

Okay, once I got past the cover design issues, I jumped into the story and found that it was told in a very readable style. For some reason the opening with the weremon seemed awkward to me but I think it just took a few pages to get into Nancy’s world. Once things shifted to the ill-fated family, things picked up and from there it all went smoothly.

The basic premise is classic and familiar: a prophecy warns that a red-haired child will rise up to overthrow the bad guys so the villains are out killing everyone with red hair. One infant survives such an attack and grows up to become our protagonist. Callie is an enjoyable character and her motivations and emotions are well depicted.

I found the parts of the story featuring conversations between characters or internal monologues to be the best part of the tale. The action scenes were clearly depicted but lacked the kind of edge that I usually like in my fantasy (think Robert E. Howard’s ability to depict sweaty violence). I was impressed by Nancy’s willingness to get her literary hands dirty, though — no one is safe in this book, including little kids. Everybody has an equal opportunity to get eviscerated.

This is obviously the first chapter in a larger story and I’m curious about where it goes from here. If I were a diehard fantasy fan, I think this would be something that would definitely go onto my shelf of favorites. As it is, I would still recommend it to anyone looking to dip their toes into the fantasy genre or who are looking for a character-driven adventure of any type.

I give it 4 out of 5 stars.