Author: Ian Randal Strock

Reminder: 2012 Hugo Awards Voting Deadline Approaching Fast

70th World Science Fiction Convention

A press release from Chicon 7:

Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), would like to remind members that the voting deadline for the 2012 Hugo Awards and John W. Campbell Award is July 31, 2012, at 11:59 p.m. PDT (Wednesday, August 1, 2012, at 2:59 a.m. EDT). The same deadline applies for access to the 2012 Hugo Voter Packet, which can currently be downloaded via the Chicon 7 website.

Hugo Award voting, and access to the Hugo Voter Packet, is open to all Adult, Young Adult and Supporting members of Chicon 7. Convention memberships can be purchased online via the Chicon 7 website at Full Adult Attending memberships currently cost $215 (rising to $230 from August 1), Young Adult Attending memberships cost $100, and Supporting memberships cost $50.

Members can submit their Hugo Award ballots online via the Chicon 7 website at, or by postal mail. Postal ballots must be received before the voting deadline. Members wishing to vote online will need their Chicon 7 membership number and unique Chicon 7 PIN. E-mail reminders of these details are currently being sent to all members who have provided their email addresses to the convention.

The Hugo Voter Packet is an electronic package of nominated works graciously made available to voters by nominees and their publishers. This year’s packet includes a wide range of fiction and non-fiction works along with art, music and webcast nominees.

Chicon 7 Announces At-Con Membership and Day Admission Rates

70th World Science Fiction Convention

Chicon 7, the 70th World Science Fiction Convention (Worldcon), has set the attending membership rates that will apply from August 1 onwards for both online and at-the-door sales, and determined its Day Admission rates.

The following attending membership rate changes for Chicon 7 will go into effect on August 1, 2012:* The Adult Attending membership rate will increase from $215 to $230* Converting a Supporting membership to an Attending membership will be $180

As part of the convention’s policy to encourage families and children to attend Chicon 7 the following attending membership rates for Children (0-16 years old) and Young Adults (17-21) will remain unchanged:* Children (0-16 years old) at $75* Young Adults (17-21 years old) at $100.

The Family Rate (2 adults plus 2 or more dependent children) will increase from $540 to $560.

Day Admissions can be purchased online via the Chicon 7 website from August 1, 2012, or in person at the door. Day Admissions are priced according to the day being purchased and the age of the purchaser. (Quoted figures are for Thursday 30 / Friday 31 August / Saturday 1 / Sunday 2 / Monday 3 September respectively).Adult: $50 / $70 / $70 / $70 / $40Young Adult: $30 / $40 / $40 / $40 / $20Child: $20 / $30 / $30 / $30 / $15

Chicon 7 memberships are available for immediate purchase at various conventions, at, and by postal mail. Full information on all registration and payment options, along with the current rates which are good through July 31, 2012, are available at

Monkeybrain and ComiXology announce exclusive distribution agreement for Monkeybrain’s new line of independent creator-owned comics

MonkeyBrain, Inc.


A press release from Chip Mosher of


New York Times bestselling comic book creator Chris Roberson is celebrating “Independents Day” a little differently than others this year as he and co-publisher Allison Baker launch MonkeyBrain Comics, with a slate of creator-owned titles from some of the top names in the field. MonkeyBrain Comics will debut digitally first on comiXology—the revolutionary digital comics platform with over 75 million comic and graphic novel downloads to date—through a exclusive distribution agreement between the two companies.


Joining Roberson (iZombie, Memorial, Cinderella) under the Monkeybrain Comics umbrella with their own independent titles will be a who’s who line up of creators, including: Grace Allison, Nick Brokenshire, J. Bone, Chad Bowers, Wook-Jin Clark, Colleen Coover, Kevin Church, Dennis Culver, Matt Digges, Ming Doyle, Curt O. Franklin, Ken Garing, Chris Haley, David Hahn, Phil Hester, Joe Keatinge, D.J. Kirkbride, Adam Knave, Axel Medellin, Jennifer L. Meyer, Michael Montenat, Ananth Panagariya, Thomas Perkins, Adam Rosenlund, Chris Schweitzer, Brandon Seifert, Chris Sims, Matthew Dow Smith, Paul Tobin, J. Torres, Josh Williamson and Bill Willingham, among others.


More creative teams with new titles will be announced next week at Comic-Con International during the Monkeybrain Comics panel on Friday, July 13th at 7PM.


“MonkeyBrain Comics was born out of a desire to directly explore what opportunities there were in the newly expanding digital marketplace for creator owned material,” said Roberson. “We knew from the get go that we’d want to work exclusively with comiXology, who have become the undisputed leader in the digital comics field with their platforms’ unparalleled reading and shopping experience. And we’re pleased to have so many of our close creator friends along for the ride. I can’t wait to see what fans around the world think about our first batch of releases!”


“We’re excited to be the exclusive digital home of MonkeyBrain Comics,” says co-founder and CEO David Steinberger. “ComiXology’s mission is to get comics into the hands of people everywhere and we look forward to doing just that with Chris and Allison’s stellar line of creator owned comics!”

MonkeyBrain Comics is a new comics imprint of Roberson and Baker’s long-running publishing company MonkeyBrain Books. Over the past decade, MonkeyBrain Books has published a line of prose novels by authors such as Phillip Jose Farmer, Michael Moorcock, Rudy Rucker, Paul Cornell and genre collections edited by such notables as Joe R. Lansdale, Lou Anders and others.

Launching their first titles on July 4th with the slogan “Independents Day” exclusively on the comiXology digital platform, Monkeybrain Comics are currently exploring following up their digital releases with trade paperback collections.



Two lost “Doctor Who” episodes recovered

Two lost “Doctor Who” episodes recovered

Galaxy 4

SFScope friend Fred Lerner alerts us to this BBC article alerting us to the fact that two of the missing Doctor Who episodes have been rediscovered.

As with most early television, producers and broadcasters as a rule did not keep copies once programs had aired. As a very-long-running, well-loved series, Doctor Who is one of the targets of the ongoing Missing Believed Wiped project (part of the British Film Institute).

At Sunday’s event, the recovery of two episodes was announced: one from 1965, with William Hartnell as The Doctor; and one from 1967, with Patrick Troughton.

The recovered 1965 episode is part three of the four-part series “Galaxy Four,” in which the race of cloned females called Drahvins attempt to escape a planet which is about to explode. The story is the only appearance of the tiny robots called the Chumblies.The 1967 episode was part two of “The Underwater Menace,” in which a mad scientist tries to restore Atlantis by draining the ocean into the Earth’s core.

Harlan Ellison releases four new books

Harlan Ellison releases four new books

Harlan Ellison, once called “the 20th century Lewis Carroll” by the Los Angeles Times, invites you to explore his 56-year career in four new books.

These four volumes, designed to bring Ellison’s writing to a new generation of readers while collecting rare works for his long-time fans, gather classic stories, entertaining essays, unpublished teleplays, and the author’s never-before-reprinted second novel from 1960.

Alex Cox promoted to Deputy Director of CBLDF

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fundis pleased to announce that Alex Cox has been named to the position of Deputy Director. In this new capacity, his responsibilities will expand to include full oversight of the CBLDF home office and fundraising program. Cox joined the CBLDF in the fall of 2010 as Development Manager.Since joining the CBLDF last year Cox has improved the organization’s membership program and convention presences. Under Cox’s watch, membership in both the retailer and individual capacities has shown dramatic increases. Cox has also overseen the creation of a more robust volunteer program in the New York home office. Prior to CBLDF, Cox was a 15-year veteran of comics retail, including owning and managing the nationally recognized comic book store Rocketship.Speaking about the promotion, Cox said, “I’m extremely grateful to be in a position to help the comics community fight back against anyone that would threaten free expression in this art form that we all love. As a comic fan and student of the art form for close to 30 years, I never thought that I would see anything like the panic caused by Seduction of the Innocent in my lifetime. But with the current case in Canada, the creeping specter of censorship and persecution is rearing its head again, making the CBLDF even more important. I’m proud to be a part of it and I look forward to working with our members, retailers, and the creative community in the years to come.”

“Alex has been a great addition to the CBLDF, and we’re excited to be able to develop a space for him to grow even further within the organization,” says Charles Brownstein, CBLDF’s Executive Director. “Alex has made great strides in developing our fundraising program in a very difficult time, and his leadership in the office has helped us bring in even more talented volunteers to help us fulfill our work. He’s an extremely valuable member of our team, and we’re glad to see him take on this new role.”

Cherie Priest’s ‘Boneshaker’ coming to the big screen

Cherie Priest’s ‘Boneshaker’ coming to the big screen

Cover of "Boneshaker (Sci Fi Essential Bo...

Hammer Films bought motion picture rights to Cherie Priest‘s zombie-steampunk novel Boneshaker (published by Tor in 2009) via agent Jennifer Jackson of the Donald Maass Literary Agency.

Hammer has already teamed with Cross Creek Pictures and Exclusive Media Group to produce the film, for which John Hilary Shepherd (Nurse Jackie) is writing the screenplay.

The book is set in an alternate 1880s Seattle, in which the city is walled in and a toxic gas has turned many of its residents into Rotters (zombies). A young widow hunts for her teenaged son in the Seattle underworld while dealing with airship pirates, a criminal overlord and heavily armed refugees.