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Crisis on Infinite Mortal Kombat

Crisis on Infinite Mortal Kombat

We’ve seen a lot of cool gameplay footage showing the combat, villainous fatalities, and heroic brutalities for Midway’s upcoming Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe. But we’ve only heard scattered reports about the story, which was massaged by comic writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray. Well an official trailer has been released.

It bears a striking similarity to DC Comics’ Crisis on Infinite Earths and Infinite Crisis. Mysterious force is causing two universes to merge. Champions and villains team-up to protect their reality but try to figure out what is going on. But really, is there any other way to do an inter-company crossover without the corny ‘pretending they’ve lived in the same universe all along’ route? “I’ve heard of you. Surprised we haven’t crossed paths before.”

Superman addresses the power difference problem some fans questioned. After getting kicked by Scorpion he mutters distastefully, “Magic.”

Also a nice sequence showing Superman laying the smack down on Chinese thunder god Raiden. Best watch your mouth Thor, unless you want some of that.

Will Spider-Man Be the Most Expensive Musical Ever?

Will Spider-Man Be the Most Expensive Musical Ever?

Remember back in July when we told you about the Spider-Man musical? The one with the questionable plot device involving a Spider Goddess spinning Peter Parker’s story. Oh yeeaaah, that one.

Michael Riedel, the Broadway beat reporter for the New York Post is reporting that the budget has swelled to $40 million, for now, with a weekly running cost of $1 million per week of its run. To break even, the show would have to become one of the longest running shows in history.

The show is in one of New York City’s largest theaters, a score written by U2’s Bono, and brought to life by an army of designers.

Director Julie Taymor, who rose to fame for Disney’s Lion King musical, has a spotty track record.  The story reports that investors are becoming worried. It doesn’t help that in this economy, theater attendance is expected to dip.

Is your Spider Sense tingling, Peter?


Unintentionally Funny: ‘Spider-Man: Web of Shadows’ TGS Trailer

Unintentionally Funny: ‘Spider-Man: Web of Shadows’ TGS Trailer

The Tokyo Game Show that starts this weekend is one of the biggest videogame conventions in the world. The ComicMix staff is watching to see what comic game news is announced, but Activision’s Spider-Man: Web of Shadows trailer released at the show made me laugh. Though I don’t think that was the publisher’s intent.

A dejected Spider-Man walks across a rooftop, ignoring chaos around him, while sad music plays. As he approaches the edge, he breaks into a run to jump off. If I didn’t know better, I’d say hard luck Peter Parker got dumped by Mary Jane and finally decided to end it all. “No, Spidey! You have so much to live for!”

Watch the video for yourself and tell me I’m wrong.



Guitar Hero: ComicMix Edition

Guitar Hero: ComicMix Edition

Gaming website Kotaku recently reported that Stan Bush wanted his song “The Touch” from the classic, animated Transformers: The Movie in Guitar Hero or Rock Band music videogames. We couldn’t agree more. It’s a rockin’ song that we’d love to play on our fake plastic instruments with our friends.

But why stop with one Transformers song? ComicMix is all about “all types of fantastic media, from comic books television and movies to video games and more.” So Activision and EA, we humbly submit… Scratch that. We demand you make a ComicMix edition of your games for the nerdcore rocker audience.

Our setlist is below. Yeah, we know it’s heavy on Superman. But rockers love the Last Son of Krypton. Send the royalty checks to our offshore PayPal account.

·         “Superman” by 3 Doors Down

·         “Spider-Man” by The Ramones

·         “Godzilla” by Blue Oyster Cult

·         “Jimmy Olsen’s Blues” by The Spin Doctors

·         “Catch Me Now I’m Falling (This Is Captain America Calling)” by The Kinks

·         “Thundercats Intro”

·         “I Am Superman” by R.E.M.

·         “Buffy Theme” by Nerf Herder

·         “Star Wars Imperial March (Leviathan Remix)” by Rage Against the Machine

·         “Batdance” by Prince

·         TMNT II “Ninja Rap” by Vanilla Ice

·         “Crank Dat/Superman” by Soulja Boy

·         “Flash” by Queen

It goes without saying, we want reader suggestions in the comments below.

Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe Kollector’s Konundrum

Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe Kollector’s Konundrum

We’ve talked about Midway’s upcoming Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe fighting game plenty. Consider it a done deal that we want to play Green Lantern fighting Sub-Zero. So the only question that remains is to get the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 version.

Not so fast.  A Kollector’s Edition has been announced. For an extra $10 you get a removable Alex Ross alternate cover, making of videos, and a 16-page comic book.

“But wait. There’s more,” as the cheesy infomercial announcers say. Pre-order at Gamestop and get a lithograph of The Joker finishing off Scorpion in the Batcave.

“We’re not done yet!” Another wrinkle in the mix is that the PS3 version will have a neat exclusive for comic book fans: a digital version of the Kollector’s Edition comic book viewable on your game system.

Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe is scheduled to ship for release on November 10th.

Doctor Consultation for Iron Man

Doctor Consultation for Iron Man

With the imminent release of Iron Man on DVD next week, the mainstream public is more aware of the saga of Tony Stark than ever before. When my in-laws start asking me about how accurate the movie was to the comics (because I’m “that” relative who still reads funny books), you know it’s become part of the cultural landscape.

While talking about the movie with my old college roommate, I remembered something. He’s a doctor! The goofy guy I watched The Simpsons with, shot with paintballs, and took to his first strip club went on to become a respectable member of society. So I asked him how medically sound is the story of Tony Stark suffering a coronary injury due to his own weapons and becoming Iron Man to atone for his sins. Specifically, the Iron Man movie.

Dr. Ken Nizza is a board-certified internist in the state of Pennsylvania. He doesn’t read as many comics as your average ComicMix reader, but he had an unofficial education in college when I stuck issues in his text books. He would also like to note that he has more foreign policy experience then Sarah Palin.

ComicMix: Is shrapnel lodged in your chest getting closer to your heart exist a possible medical condition?

Dr. Nizza: I could definitely classify having large pieces of metal lodged in one’s chest as being a "medical condition". If they were moving towards the heart ("embolizing", in the biz), I would even go so far as to call this a "worsening medical condition".

CMix: Would you recommend a powerful magnet to keep it from getting closer as a treatment option?

Dr. N: Well, assuming that one had a powerful enough magnet, the shrapnel was not in the proximity of any vital organs, and the patient had good enough insurance… then no, this is still a really stupid idea. To illustrate this point, let’s imagine actual magnets as used in medical diagnosis: the MRI machine. An MRI has in it a large electromagnet that is powerful enough to align all the hydrogen in the water molecules of the body.

If one were to pass a patient with some sort of metal through an MRI machine, the metal in question would rocket out of the patient’s body like a bullet towards the machine’s magnet, leading to a) a very unhappy/broken multimillion dollar piece of medical instrumentation, b) a very unhappy hospital administrator and c) a very unhappy/dead patient. Keep a mop handy.

It would be easier to have a cardiothoracic surgical team perform an exploratory thoracotomy. And yes, this is the only time an "exploratory thoracotomy" can be considered the easier option.

CMix: Would it be possible to have a metal tube big enough to fit Gwenyth Paltrow’s entire hand directly in your chest?


Dr. N: For one to breath, the chest cavity has to be completely airtight. When you inhale, the diaphragm flattens and the space inside the chest expands. Because of the vacuum generated ("negative pressure" in the biz), the lungs are stretched and, in turn air is pulled down to fill the space. To exhale, the diaphragm relaxes, the lungs snap back into place, and air is expelled. With a large, gaping hole in the middle of the chest that’s exposed to the outside world, this entire process is somewhat less effective in that it doesn’t work at all even a little bit. Think "sucking chest wound".


Avi Arad’s Next Project: Mass Effect

Avi Arad’s Next Project: Mass Effect

Avi Arad is widely credited as one of the linchpins that turned Marvel around from the edge of bankruptcy to multimedia superhero powerhouse it is today. The former CEO and founder of Marvel Studios, the production company responsible for the Iron Man and The Incredible Hulk movies, left in 1996 to form his own production company.

Variety is reporting that Avi Arad Productions has optioned the rights to Mass Effect. The sci-fi RPG was a huge critical and commercial success. It even gained some notoriety when FOX News blew a possible lesbian relationship in the game out of proportion. The story centers around Commander Shepard, one of the first humans allowed to join a multispecies, intergalactic police force known as the Spectres. He discovers one of their greatest members has gone rogue. (Shades of Green Lantern, wouldn’t you say?)

Mass Effect is owned by BioWare, a developer best known for epic RPG games with rich stories. Mass Effect was released for the Xbox 360 by Microsoft Games and PC by Electronic Arts. It is considered the first part of a bigger trilogy. Novels based on Mass Effect proved popular. Hopefully with Arad’s connections we’ll see a Mass Effect comic book too.

Watch the trailer below if you have any doubts that this sci-fi story wouldn’t be great comic.

Rumor Control: Jimmy Palmiotti Playable Character in ‘Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe’

Rumor Control: Jimmy Palmiotti Playable Character in ‘Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe’

One of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis is The Giant Bombcast, the podcast of the Giant Bomb videogame website. Because I’m a hybrid comic and game fan, I paid special attention when they discussed the final lineup for the upcoming Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe fighting videogame.

(If you haven’t heard: Baraka, Batman, Catwoman, Darkseid, Deathstroke, Flash, Green Lantern, Jax, Joker, Kano, Kitana, Lex Luthor, Liu Kang, Raiden, Scorpion, Shang Tsung, Shao Khan, Shazam, Sonya, Sub Zero, Superman, Wonderwoman.)

But I almost swerved off the road when they said that there was a rumor that comic writer and inker Jimmy Palmiotti, who is helping to write the story of the game, might make a cameo. Fighting in the style of MK classic character Johnny Cage.

If true, I fully expect Jimmy to pull off Johnny’s crotch punch move.

Listen for yourself at the 1:17:18 mark.

But I got the story from the man himself.

[Laughs] It was a joke that Ed Boon made. Now I wonder if they have to add it? [Laughs]


‘Sam & Max’ Coming To Nintendo Wii October 7th

‘Sam & Max’ Coming To Nintendo Wii October 7th

Way back in April, we were excited when we learned that Sam & Max, the wickedly funny PC adventure game based on the long-time indie comic and Eisner winning webcomic, was making its way to home gaming systems. The point n’ click nature of the game made it a perfect fit for the Nintendo Wii controller.

Telltale Games has been pretty mum on the subject since. Maybe because they were busy launching their newest episodic game based on the Strongbad web cartoon.

But now they’ve announced that the Sam & Max Season One will be coming to the Nintendo Wii on October 7th. Not only that, but if you preorder the title from Gamestop, you’ll receive an exclusive CD with more bonus content then an anamorphic dog detective can shake a psychotic rabbit thing at: behind-the-scenes featurettes, trailers, artwork, music, and desktop wallpapers. The game will retail in North America for $29.99.

See the official trailer below.