Author: Karl Cramer

LEGO Batman – New Trailer and Release Date

LEGO Batman – New Trailer and Release Date

Batman hasn’t been this silly since Adam West.

LEGO Batman is the latest installment of developer Traveler’s Tales’ best-selling, LEGO-licensed videogames. Previous projects included a pair of games in which players could recreate LEGO versions of the Star Wars franchise.

Now, with LEGO Batman, adorable versions of the dynamic duo smash massive amounts of the toy bricks while capturing villains let loose in the LEGO version of Gotham City. The first screenshots debuted in Electronic Gaming Montly magazine in February but now a trailer of the game in action has been released, which we’ve posted here.

It’s a better antidote for grim and gritty then Joker’s laughing gas.



Publisher Warner Bros. Interactive has announced that LEGO Batman will be released in September 2008 for all current game systems.

Interview: From Webcomic to Videogame With ‘Little Gamers’

Interview: From Webcomic to Videogame With ‘Little Gamers’

Little Gamers, the deceptively cute webcomic about foul-mouthed European gamers, is now in development as a videogame itself.

Last week, during the industry’s Game Developers Conference, Microsoft spotlighted it as one of the downloadable games being developed with their XNA program tool set. The trademark Little Gamers humor got a big laugh with beer and shotgun power-ups that are used throughout the game. During the event’s keynote speech, Microsoft surprised the community by announcing that Xbox 360 owners could download the in-development game for a limited trial.

The game itself proved to be accessible and fun, especially for a game designed mostly by one person. And it gave you a big stick to poke zombies from a distance.

ComicMix had a chance to ask Pontus Madsen, one of the webcomics’ creators, and Loïc Dansart, the designer of the game, some questions now that the public has had a chance to to play the upcoming title.

COMICMIX: What’s been the reaction from the regular Little Gamers readers? Enthusiastic, critical or "UR SELLING OUT" nonsense?

PONTUS MADSEN: I’ve only heard nice things, no emails telling us we sold out. I think much of it has to do with the "free" aspect of it.

LOïC DANSART: Most of the reaction of the LG readers are really enhtusiastics, except for the few users on Mac or Linux who cannot play the game and complain about that.