The Law Is A Ass #422: Penguin Issues A License To Kill… Logic

Bob Ingersoll

By day Bob Ingersoll was an attorney in the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Office, Appellate Division in Cleveland, Ohio, until he retired in 2009. But in the “Real World” he has also been a freelance writer since 1975, when he sold his first comic-book story to the late, lamented Charlton Comics. He’s still at it and, in addition to his long-running column “The Law Is a Ass” has sold stories to DC, Marvel, Innovation, Now Comics, Comico, Kitchen Sink and others; as well as co-authoring the novels Captain America: Liberty’s Torch and Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse. Bob is married with children, which is about as close to Al Bundy as he cares to get.

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4 Responses

  1. Andrew Laubacher says:

    Also, the estate of the late Terry Pratchett should probably look into suing the producers of Gotham for plagiarism, as this idea is lifted wholesale from Pratchett’s Discworld novels.

  2. Dave White says:

    See, this is the sort of idea that would work just fine with a less serious version of the characters, like BATMAN ’66. The problem with GOTHAM is that it wants to have the same sort of hammy, over-the-top performances as BATMAN ’66 but with a veneer of grim-and-gritty Nolanesque “realism.”

    • They did a somewhat similar story on BATMAN ’66 — or BATMAN as those of us alive back in 1966 called it, because we didn’t have to differentiate it from anything else. It was the second season episodes featuring Egghead. Because of a default on a mortgage payment, Gotham City’s ownership reverted back to Screaming Eagle, the last member of the native American tribe who sold the land upon which Gotham sat. Screaming Eagle had a deal with Egghead, which turned control and running the city over to Egghead. Egghead basically ordered the police to ignore his people and the crimes they committed and to concentrate on misdemeanors.