Michael Davis: The Dream Killer 3 – Know The Game!

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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3 Responses

  1. Lisa Chatman says:

    If I had but one word to describe you and the way that you commit the details of your ordeal to paper, it would be noble.

  2. Duane B says:

    Robin Williams once said, in regards to the colorful language in his riffs, “I use these words in sentences”. I’ve noticed more and more other sites using the same words.

    If people can’t handle the words, maybe they should develop a time machine and transport themselves back to 1640. “…the times they are a changin’…”

    Mr. Davis: Have you considered a person or persons, who is/are on friendly terms to Milestone and/or DC, to discreetly inquire or get added information regarding the cold shoulder you’re getting from the two companies?

    At the time I write this, I haven’t read all of the articles you’ve written on this subject. If you’ve already tried this, then I apologize.

    The worst kind of division by once friends can be caused by a perceived slight.

    • Duane,

      NEVER any need to apologize when offering help. That’s how I feel anyway. Funny, you wrote ” I’ve noticed more and more other sites using the same words” just the other day I was sent an instant message saying the same.

      Consider the source is all I can say. I write that way because I write who I am. If the day comes when I find myself looking for words to appease someone, then that’s the day I stop writing.

      You can tell when people just prop shi…stuff down on paper for no reason than to be ‘shocking’ or ‘out there.’

      Regarding Milestone-I try not to think about just how- let’s see what’s the word I need–darn! Yep darn should work quite well! I try not to think about just how darn bad those guys treated me. Although a good point, the problem with your ‘slight’ thought is when I feel a chill in the air from anyone I ask if somehow I’ve offended them. Even if I don’t agree, I apologize.

      Those guys know that. Besides years of emails texts and discussions with Milestone (and others) asking; “Where’s the:
      a. Deal
      b. Plan
      c. Contract
      e. ETC, ETC
      f. Shado, Shado

      Followed by just as many emails texts and discussions with Milestone (and others) asking; “Is there a problem with:

      a. Me
      b. Myself
      c. Michael Davis
      d. Master Of The Universe
      e. Man with my face
      f. Main creator of Static

      Claiming a slight now loses any and all substance when a simple ‘yes’ said years ago would have lessened my pain and strengthened their justification for such a disgusting act.

      That’s okay-I’m going to heaven. God don’t like ugly…or Donald Trump.