Mindy Newell

These days Mindy Newell knows that if she could do it all over again she’d have gone to college for screenwriting and film editing. Instead she became a nurse to please her parents and pleasing your parents was what it was all about for nice Jewish girls who graduated from high school in 1971. But the creative larva was in her soul, and when the cocoon broke and the butterfly emerged, it flew to DC’s New Talent Showcase program. Under the auspices of legendary editors Karen Berger, Len Wein, Julius Schwartz, Paul Levitz, and ComicMix’s own Robert Greenberger, Mindy learned the craft and art of writing comics, including Tales Of The Legion, V, Legionnaires 3, Amethyst, Lois Lane: When It Rains God Is Crying, and numerous other comics, including a Superman story based on a dream Mindy had as a child. She also worked on Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg! and other independent comics. All this time Mindy continued to work as a nurse while being a single mom to her daughter Alixandra, until the late and dear Mark Gruenwald hired her as an assistant editor at Marvel, while writing stories of the Black Widow and Daredevil. She edited NFL Pro Action, a licensed kid’s magazine about football with the NFL until Marvel imploded in 1996. Returning to full-time nursing, she she also co-wrote a story for 2000 A.D. with her then-husband, British artist John Higgins. A few years ago Mike Gold called and asked her to join the team of columnists here at ComicMix, where her topics freely range from comics to pop culture to politics; she even wrote a piece about the great American thoroughbred Secretariat, which caused editor Mike to tell her that she had won the prize for the most off-topic column ever written ComicMix.

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7 Responses

  1. Dennis Bowers says:

    Hi Mindy, new here, I remembered your name from your Catwoman mini-series, my all time favorite comic book character. Yeah, I don’t understand what is going on with CBS, every single other comic book based show on other networks have already been announced as renewed, even Lucifer. And every other show on CBS gets reruns on off nights, and sometimes even get a Saturday night spot. Even ones in the ratings crapper like Hawaii Five-O. Meanwhile we get stuck with stale Big Bang reruns, which don’t seem to garner that great a ratings as a replacement anyway.

    • Mindy Newell says:

      Hi, Dennis! SO glad you found me, and thanks for the CATWOMAN ego-boo! Selina is one of my all-time favorite characters, too!

      Hope you stick around!

  2. IamNERD says:

    It will be stupid if CBS doesn’t renew Supergirl. It’s attracting a different age group and pushing a style that’s no longer just some NCIS or CSI franchises. The publicity for Supergirl is also extremely positive for the network. Everyone is saying the rating isn’t good but what people failed to see is that the worst rating Supergirl ever had was 3x more than Flash and Arrow. It’s doing far better than most super hero shows out there. And the online streaming is really high, which again, is attracting a younger generation who doesn’t watch everything on TV right on the dot. Supergirl’s awesome rating only appears mediocre because it’s competing with established shows at CBS. Flash and Arrow are renewing every year because other CW shows aren’t doing as well. The old shows at CBS got renewed first because of syndications. It’s just so frustrating to see all those crap shows like 2 Broke Girls got their renewal. I really wish CBS can give Supergirl more time to develop. Supergirl is probably the only show that’s episodic!!! I need to watch it every week unlike other shows at CBS.

    • Mindy Newell says:

      Yes, IamNERD, TWO BROKE GIRLS was one of the shows that was on my mind when I wrote about about the sitcoms on CBS. Just hoping that Moonves isn’t a complete ass stuck in the 60’s.

  3. Mindy Newell says:

    Someone posted me, I forget who, that CBS renewed SUPERGIRL. Did anybody else hear this?

  4. Mindy Newell says:

    Someone posted me, I forget who, that CBS has renewed SUPERGIRL.