Review: ‘Popeye’ on DVD

Van Jensen

Van Jensen is a former crime reporter turned comic book writer. In addition to ComicMix, he contributes to Publishers Weekly and Comic Book Resources. He lives in Atlanta, and his blog can be found at

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2 Responses

  1. Alan Coil says:

    Yes, this Popeye was castrated, both in the scripts and in the art.But that's the way the networks wanted it. They were bowing to even more censorship calls from the idiots on the Right. ("On" the Right, not "In" the Right)All cartoons for quite a stretch were worthless as entertainment, and thus ruined Saturday morning television. That generation never got in the habit of watching cartoons on Saturdays, so their children did so even less.I seem to recall that one scene of Popeye and his son had them playing tennis, and the racket's striking of the tennis ball was off camera because of the violence aspect. (Or perhaps that is just my cynical mind creating something that seemed all too real.)

  2. Michael H. Price says:

    Smart insights, here, into the wherefores of Popeye's deterioration under lesser talents and obsessive correctionists — amplifying a point I had suggested in the column earlier this week. Everything since Famous Studios has been Bizarro Popeye: imperfect replicants, becoming more so with each new stage of modernization.