Ed Catto: Geek Culture Grows … and Grows!

Ed Catto

Ed Catto is an entrepreneur and educator. As the founder of Agendae, Ed helps mid-size companies, start-ups and big brands with innovative strategy and marketing initiatives. As an educator, Ed teaches entrepreneurship at Ithaca College. In the world of Pop Culture, Ed wears many hats: a speaker at comic-conventions, a retropreneur for Captain Action and a manager for Ithacon, the nation’s second longest running comic-con. As an illustrator, he was named 2019 Interior Illustrator of the Year in the Pulp Factory Awards and named a 2019 CNY Emerging Artist. Ed and his family have recently returned to the Finger Lakes.

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1 Response

  1. Martha Thomases says:

    Ed, the marketer in me totally agrees with you.

    The fan is horrified.

    The average attendee of NYCC or SDCC (and lots more, but those are the two with which I’m most familiar) spends hundreds of dollars just on tickets to attend. Hotels and meals and other activities (like buying comics) run the average tab well into four figures. Add to that the hours of standing on line (which I’m told some people find entertaining, go figure), and it’s a real commitment for the average fan.

    We should appreciate and support these fans, not aggregate them to sell to the highest Hollywood bidder.

    Or, if that’s what we’re doing, we should pay the fans instead of charging them. Most people who participate in focus groups get a hundred bucks and a sandwich.