Ed Catto: The Batman Nobody Knows… Yours

Ed Catto

Ed Catto is an entrepreneur and educator. As the founder of Agendae, Ed helps mid-size companies, start-ups and big brands with innovative strategy and marketing initiatives. As an educator, Ed teaches entrepreneurship at Ithaca College. In the world of Pop Culture, Ed wears many hats: a speaker at comic-conventions, a retropreneur for Captain Action and a manager for Ithacon, the nation’s second longest running comic-con. As an illustrator, he was named 2019 Interior Illustrator of the Year in the Pulp Factory Awards and named a 2019 CNY Emerging Artist. Ed and his family have recently returned to the Finger Lakes.

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1 Response

  1. Carl says:

    Awesome article!

    My Batman sounds like Kevin Conroy but looks more like Neal Adams had drawn him. I like the blue cape and cowl and I like the yellow circle Batsymbol. He’s mostly serious but not afraid to crack a smile now and again.