The Law Is A Ass #307: Back In the Saddle Again

Bob Ingersoll

By day Bob Ingersoll was an attorney in the Cuyahoga County Public Defender Office, Appellate Division in Cleveland, Ohio, until he retired in 2009. But in the “Real World” he has also been a freelance writer since 1975, when he sold his first comic-book story to the late, lamented Charlton Comics. He’s still at it and, in addition to his long-running column “The Law Is a Ass” has sold stories to DC, Marvel, Innovation, Now Comics, Comico, Kitchen Sink and others; as well as co-authoring the novels Captain America: Liberty’s Torch and Star Trek: The Case of the Colonist’s Corpse. Bob is married with children, which is about as close to Al Bundy as he cares to get.

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2 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    I get razzed on Amazon reviews when i complain that (for instance) a story that has as its McGuffin the discovery of diamonds in an Appalachian coal mine – even if it’s a fantasy – is an example of laziness or poor research on the part of its author.

    “But it’s fantasy!” the commentors say.

    Or when i point out that Kim Harrison’s alternate history is impossible, based on what she tells us caused it to be a different history.

    “But it’s fantasy!” they say.

    I get so discouraged that people can’t see that good writing has logical consistency in following what develops from your postulates, or accurate real-world detail in elements that are not part of the fantasy element of your story.

    • Mike,

      I know the feeling. I can’t tell you how many time people would read my columns and respond with, “But it’s only a comic-book.” That’s why part of my mission statement is that we should make the real-world parts of comic books as real as possible. Even silly stories in talking animal comics have a certain amount of grounding in reality.