Mike Gold: Sex – Our Moral Dilemma

Mike Gold

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1 Response

  1. rick obadiah says:

    Mike – glad to see you tackling a thorny and controversial issue. I suspect each case is different. I believe a publisher has the right to determine what it wants to publish; therefore I believe a retailer and corporation has a right to determine what it wishes to offer, sell and distribute. However, Apple’s inconsistency on its policies raises the issue without any guidelines for what it distributes.

    However, since they aren’t treading on anyone’s individual rights, I suppose, they can do what they want … at the risk of alienating their customers.

    Your timing is impeccable considering the Supreme Court’s decision to take on the Hobby Lobby lawsuit pertaining to the Affordable Health Care’s act to require corporations to offer ‘contraceptive’ benefits in their health care plans. In this case, I come down against a corporation to make a determination because it has a direct affect on their employees rights. Further, the case would impose a religious doctrine on an individual — women — which violates their rights not to be discriminated against on sexual grounds.

    The two issues are clearly on different sides of the ‘line in the sand.’ The question is where is the line drawn — does Apple’s action violate an individual’s right? I, personally, believe Hobby Lobby does and is on the wrong side of the line. Not so sure about Apple in this case.

    The sad part for me is this Supreme Court seems to value the rights of the ‘corporation as a person’ more than the inalienable rights granted to individual citizens by the constitution.

    Thanks for having the conversation started.