New Who Review: The Day of the Doctor

Vinnie Bartilucci

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3 Responses

  1. Duane B says:

    Re: “Oh, you redecorated…” Patrick also said it on “The Five Doctors” when he met The Brigadier after the reunion. Call it, at least four…

  2. mike weber says:

    “You’ve changed the wallpaper!” – Peter Davidson in the Children in Need short “Timecrash”.

    As to the thirteen – i’m still suspicious of that potion they fed Eight to allow him to regenerate into the War Doctor … and of the fact that he was not only merely dead, but really most sincerely dead. And brought back to life…

    Perhaps beginning what, it could be argued, is for all intents and purposes a brand-new life resets his clock?

    Perhaps the War Doctor is not actually Nine, making Smith Twelve … but what, for want of a better designator, i’ve been calling (inside my head) One-A, Making Eccleston Two-A, Tennant Three-A and Smith Four-A and Capaldi Five-A … with eight more to go after him.

    • The Doctor has been saved from death by the Sisterhood of Karn before, in Brain of Morbius. He was revived without limitation that time, perhaps that mystic draught only works once, requiring a proper regerenation.

      I’ve already tabled the idea that Capaldi may well be the FOURTEENTH Doctor – Ten regenerated after being shot by the Dalek – he diverted the energy into his spare hand, but the energy was generated. If the Metacrisis Doctor had not been created, he could have drained the energy back and used it to regenerate, but it was, so he can’t. It’s an interesting question – does the limit control the number of times the energy is created, or the number of times the body fully regenerates?

      Regardless, I’m sure Moffat has not only an explanation in place, but a solution. Might not be one we agree with, or one as elegant as some of the fan Clever Theories, but we shall see.