Martin Pasko: Marvel & DC – The Little Big Two

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2 Responses

  1. I’m curious… Without knowing about total cost (production + marketing budgets)… how is Red considered a ‘tanked’ movie? It earned 199 million dollars worldwide on a budget of 58 million. It warranted a sequel. The Losers absolutely did not profit, and I’d give you that for sure.

    And to be fair… Have you read a Dan DiDio book? To say he can’t teach the new generation a thing or two about great writing? Well… That’d be…. the truth. Good on ya.

  2. Marty: I’m actually surprised that companies as dedicated to directing from the center as Disney and T-W haven’t insisted on more in-house creativity and control from their comic-book divisions. God knows a strong editorial hand could result in material that was better aimed at film adaptation (even in long-standing brands like Supes, Bats, X, and Spidey) than the gobbledygook currently being published. I finally came to the conclusion that the reason “Man of Steel” is so awful (IMO) is that that is what Superman is like in the comics these days and so the PTB at Warners think that is what he should be like.