Michael Davis: It Was Twenty Years Ago Today

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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9 Responses

  1. DC’s mishandling of Milestone since its original creation is the second-worst dropped ball in DC’s recent history. Static was a hit TV series for several years, and somehow they couldn’t figure out how to get a hit book out of it is a topic I’ve cursed the darkness over both here and on any other website on which I haven’t overstayed my welcome.

    The worst dropped ball in recent memory is of course how they mishandled Dwayne finally getting to write JLA. I am too tired an unwell to give that rant a good enough treatment. Just go read any of the other times I wrote it.

    I would sorely like to see the Milestone characters get another shot at DC. They are solid and interesting characters, and if people both creating them and reading them can get past the idea that they Mean Something, and just treat them as good characters, they could prosper.

    Sometimes I feel I may die of optimism poisoning.

    • Vinnie,

      You as well as anyone knows that I’m not shy when it comes to saying what I mean. I’ve had real issues with DC and at times it’s been an all out war.

      DC did not mishandle Milestone as so much as Milestone and DC were in a new relationship and shit happens in a new relationship,

      Both Marvel and Image were considered as publishing partners, when Milestone did the deal with DC it was because DC came to the table understanding and respecting our vision. People forget Milestone was doing record numbers until the industry wide crash killed a lot of independent publishers.

      Another thing people forget is Milestone Media is an independent publisher who has a DEAL with DC. DC does not and has NEVER owned Milestone.

      Were asshole moves made at DC regarding Milestone? Oh, HELL yeah. But assholes moves are made by EVERY partner in EVERY deal. Contrary to what a lot of stupid motherfucking haters have and ARE saying, Milestone was not part of some comic book plantation owned by the white masters of DC comics.

      Milestone owned some of those stupid moves just like DC owned some of the success of Milestone when we were riding high.

      Yes, I was not happy with a lot of shit on the DC side but I was also unhappy with shit on the Milestone side.

      But like I said, shit happens.

  2. Mark Turner says:

    Happy 20th Milestone and kudos! Michael, you guys set a standard and did things in such a way that it was like catching lightning in a bottle. You guys created something that many young creators are trying to re-create today….problem is, they aren’t having much success. Look forward to seeing what Milestone has in store. Oh, as far as the weight question, I always get around it by pretending my hearing aide isn’t working…..”huh? you saw a rat?!? Damn hearing aide…” works pretty well until they notice that I’m not wearing one…..

  3. Reg says:

    Vinnie…it’s impossible for you to more on point. I know that there are likely all sorts of restrictive legalities that are in play but the way DC has mistreated the great legacy, but I’d love for Image to be able to take the ball.

    And to mOTu, Derek, Denys, Priest, (the Milestone crew) and The Maestro…
    THANK YOU for daring to dream and executing the dream so magnificently.

  4. I may be working under a misconception. I had thought that DC had finally bought the Milestone characters around the time of the last attempt to bring them back. I’d be ever so happy f that were not so. Bus considering they’re still appearing in the books (The Shadow Cabinet just made a cameo) I suspect they still have the use of them.

    Michael? Can you elucidate the situation in a way that does not spoil the reveal of any plans you have?

  5. George Haberberger says:


    “if I did Denys Cowan would see to it that I join Tupac and Biggie.”

    That line is clever and witty.

  6. Mindy Newell says:

    Congrats, Michael!