Mindy Newell: Trust Me, This Is About Comics. Really.

Mindy Newell

These days Mindy Newell knows that if she could do it all over again she’d have gone to college for screenwriting and film editing. Instead she became a nurse to please her parents and pleasing your parents was what it was all about for nice Jewish girls who graduated from high school in 1971. But the creative larva was in her soul, and when the cocoon broke and the butterfly emerged, it flew to DC’s New Talent Showcase program. Under the auspices of legendary editors Karen Berger, Len Wein, Julius Schwartz, Paul Levitz, and ComicMix’s own Robert Greenberger, Mindy learned the craft and art of writing comics, including Tales Of The Legion, V, Legionnaires 3, Amethyst, Lois Lane: When It Rains God Is Crying, and numerous other comics, including a Superman story based on a dream Mindy had as a child. She also worked on Howard Chaykin’s American Flagg! and other independent comics. All this time Mindy continued to work as a nurse while being a single mom to her daughter Alixandra, until the late and dear Mark Gruenwald hired her as an assistant editor at Marvel, while writing stories of the Black Widow and Daredevil. She edited NFL Pro Action, a licensed kid’s magazine about football with the NFL until Marvel imploded in 1996. Returning to full-time nursing, she she also co-wrote a story for 2000 A.D. with her then-husband, British artist John Higgins. A few years ago Mike Gold called and asked her to join the team of columnists here at ComicMix, where her topics freely range from comics to pop culture to politics; she even wrote a piece about the great American thoroughbred Secretariat, which caused editor Mike to tell her that she had won the prize for the most off-topic column ever written ComicMix.

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10 Responses

  1. Martha Thomases says:

    Lois Lane is too smart to be friends with MoDo (Maureen Dowd), who plays her cute-girl card far too much.

    Also, despite being anti-choice, Wonder Woman grew up in a society that valued community and shared responsibility. I think she’d favor the Democratic record on Social Security, health care, and the environment.

    • Mindy Newell says:

      Martha, I see your point about Wonder Woman and her stance regarding the Democratic record regarding the safety net programs. But I do firmly believe she would be “pro-life” (except in cases where the mother’s life is threatened, which I forgot to mention) because of her upbringing–I am disregarding the (imho) b.s. that she is the child of Zeus and Hippolyta–which will make me seem a luddite in some circles. :-) –and continue to think of her as a child formed from clay given life through the “breath of the gods” in response to Hippolyta’s prayers. Which, in a way, is the same thing, isn’t it? I guess that (especially this year) she would be glad that she’s not a citizen and not forced to choose. :-)

      As for MoDo, I don’t think of her as “cute.” I think of her as sarcastic–and although that may not be Lois’ style of writing, I think she appreciates it and enjoys MoDo’s wit and sharp tongue.

  2. Bill Mulligan says:

    Lois Lane– The Obama Administration’s War on Whistleblowers hits her where it hurts. Holds her nose and votes republican.

    carol Danvers–can;t imagine why they watched a drone video of the attack in Libya and didn’t call in the heavy guns. After seeing the results described as “bumps in the road” “Not optimal” “Not a real story” and compared to a football game, now has Romney sign in her yard. A guy tried to vandalize it once. Once.

    Sue Storm- Yeah, you called that right.

    Wonder Woman– Took the opportunity to secretly lasso BOTH candidates and force them to tell the truth. Result–was found lying in a fetal position. Now a registered anarchist.

    • Mindy Newell says:

      Bill, I’ve never heard of Obama’s “War on Whistleblowers.” Are you referring to the release of classified documents by a GOP operative about the attack on the consulate in Libya? The release of classified documents to the public is an act that takes place in muddy waters–sometimes it is the right thing to do, sometimes it isn’t–it’s not always clear. But to do so only to score political points in an election year is CRASS and indicates–to me–not a love of country, but a love of power. What the GOP operative did in releasing classified information is not the same thing, imho, as what Daniel Ellsberg did with the Pentagon Papers, which revealed the gigantic military-industrial conspiracy behind the Vietnam War.

      What happened in Libya sucked. But George W. Bush himself called the battle against Islamist extremists and fundamental fanatics the “War on Terror.” In war fuck-ups happen. People die. It’s what you do after the fuck-up that matters–and in this nuclear bomb age, a rush to judgement is never the answer.

      But this isn’t a new thing. Many people still question how the U.S. was so ill-prepared for the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, and wonder (or believe) that Roosevelt let it happen so we could get into a (necessary) war. General Custer was hailed as a hero, though the Battle of Little Big Horn was a major fuck-up.

    • Mindy Newell says:

      Love Wonder Woman as a registered anarchist! LOL, Bill!

  3. Bill Mulligan says:


    the author, Glenn Greenwald, by the way, is so far left he makes you look like Ann Romney. For what it’s worth.

    If–a big if–Romney is elected, I think a lot of liberals will wish they had paid a bit more attention to Obama’s use of executive power. It may be all fine and well to expand wireless wiretaps and issue kill lists and punish whistleblowers when the guy you like is doing it…but the guy you like won’t always be the one doing it.

  4. Michael Poole says:

    Ahhh I see mixing liberal anti Republican slander into articles about comics is a fairly routine thing for you. Classy. Obviously I was way off the mark about you in the other article lol.

    • Michael Poole says:

      I have a question for whoever runs this site. Since Mindy here is free to spew such liberal filth is there a conservative writer here who is allowed to do the same towards Democrats? If not i’d like to apply for the position.

      • Glenn Hauman says:

        That would require you to have a track record of creating engaging content that people want to read. As evidenced by your available comments, you seem completely unable to do that.

        You have expressed your point of view. Now lower your volume unless you have something new to say.