Doctor Who Series premieres on 9/1 in US and UK; prologue web mini-series starts 8/27

Vinnie Bartilucci

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6 Responses

  1. critter42 says:

    The season premiere of a TV show about a Time Lord starting on AUGUST 1st? I see what you did there! :)

  2. JosephW says:

    Vinnie, just a nitpick. Even if the Brits had to wait until 9PM or those of us on this side of the Atlantic got to see it at 7:20pm, that “slight variance” would be a hell of a lot more than just a “slight variance.” The UK is 5 hours ahead of the US. So when the Brits are sitting down at 7:20 pm watching the Doctor, folks in the Eastern Time Zone in the US will still have to wait more than 6 1/2 hours (when it’s 7:20 pm in London, it’s 2:20 pm in NYC). Or put another way, by the time the folks in NYC are watching the Doctor at 9 pm, folks in London will have been in bed for a couple of hours, sleeping soundly, knowing they went to bed with knowledge that the Americans are still awaiting.

    • mike weber says:

      OTOH, one suspects that it will be possible to download the episode beginning about 8:45PM London time..

      Will the episode aired on BBC America be the same as the one aired in the UK, or will there be cuts or changes?

      • Valerie says:

        The original airing on BBCA is usually the full episode. Unless, of course, there’s something the censors deem inappropriate enough to cut out, which, does tend to happen quite a bit on other BBC shows. Considering in the UK Doctor Who is a kids’ show that would rarely be the case.
        After the original premiere date, they do start clipping the episodes to bits to make room for more commercials.

    • Gary says:

      UK is only 5 hours ahead of US if you are on the East coast, I am on the West coast so when the UK gets to see the premiere episode it will be over 9 1/2 hours later before i get to see it, by which time it will be around 4am Sunday in the UK!!

  3. I can’t wait. “The Pond Life” sounds intriguing.
    (Please check out my DW story “The Aresian Saga”