Mike Gold: Doctor Who Fans Can Barely Hold It

Mike Gold

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6 Responses

  1. Sally Ann Price says:

    I think that Chris Eccleston is such a great actor. He was really fantastic as Doctor Who. I can understand why he probably won’t be at the 50th Anniversary.

  2. Actually, “The Curse of the Fatal Death” was NOT Moffat’s first Doctor Who story — that honor goes to “Continuity Errors,” a simply brilliant short story in Virgin’s “Decalog 3: Consequences” anthology published in 1996.

    (Some writer with an Italian last name and two middle initials had a story in there, too. Wonder whatever happened to him?)


    • Mike Gold says:

      Yeah, what ever happened to you, Keith?

      I’ve read both stories — as well as our own John Ostrander’s (with Kim Yale) in an earlier anthology. I was referring to Moffat’s television work, and I was too lazy to go into his non-filmed credits. I should re-read it now that he’s got all that BBC stuff in the can. And, hell, maybe yours too!

      Just for that, I won’t remove the vowels.

      • Clay says:

        In what anthology did John Ostrander have a DOCTOR WHO story published? I knew about the never-produced stage play, but the only published work I ever heard about was the one-shot he did for IDW.

  3. tim pare says:

    mike ive come into a few things that maybe you could shed some light on 1 is a penned drawing of judge dredd and some real to real conspiracy tapes tim

  1. October 1, 2012

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