Tom Baker To Don The Scarf Once More?

Mike Gold

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5 Responses

  1. JosephW says:

    Unfortunately, one of the biggest problems of playing THE Time Lord is that the actor ages. While it was interesting to see Peter Davison reprise the Doctor in the “Time Crash” special, it was also a bit painful as Davison showed his age (when the bit was filmed in 2007, Davison was in his mid 50s; when he ended his original run as the Doctor, he was in his early 30s). Now, without (likely) breaking the show’s budget, the show can’t de-age him via CGI. When he left the show, he was in his late 40s and now, he’s in his late 70s. (Perhaps having him appear as some sort of hologram–which could be a CGI effect anyway–might work, but I doubt Baker would be as interested in making an appearance like that.)

    Now, I wouldn’t have any problem with him in a guest role, playing someone other than the Doctor (maybe even someone who knew the Doctor from the Tom Baker years) but it’s really been too long for Baker to reprise his Doctor–at least in front of the camera.

    • Some Bloke says:

      Perhaps. But he has said that he would be interested in playing The Fourth Doctor again, but it’d depend on what he’d have to do. He said he’d have to take a look at the script and consider it based on that. And Davison even said that it wasn’t so much the actors being stopped by their age, but rather the producers being stopped of asking the actors. Most of the classic Doctors (Baker, Davison, McCoy, and McGaan.) have said they would very likely return.

      Plus, I think you’ll find that Who fans are loyal enough to not care about how much they’ve aged. Plus, they could just find some sort of plot device to explain why they’ve aged. Maybe The Master could return and he uses the Lazarus Screwdriver thing from ‘Sound of Drums’ on some of the Doctors.

    • mike weber says:

      There was (if you didn’t blink and miss it) an explanation for Davidson’s age in “Time Crash” – it was an artifact of the TARDIS interacting with itself.

  2. DebbieB says:

    Hey, here’s a clever thought–why not write a story that incorporates Tom’s age instead of ignoring it? Perhaps a story where some strange fluctuation in the Vortex is aging the Doctor and it connects to his past selves–easy CGI to transition 80s Tom Baker Doctor into current Tom Baker age–why is it happening, what can be done, and how do we stop it aging the Eleventh Doctor too?

    • mike weber says:

      There was in fact, i am told, a story during Baker’s run as the Fourth Doctor in which he found himself artificially aged.

      It has been suggested that any return by Baker to the role be tied to that story – rather like “Trials and Tribble-ations” on DS9.

      (Hmmm. Apparently they did a similar shtick on Star Trek: The Three-Hour cruise., but i didn’t know because i didn’t watch that.)