Michael Davis: Spider-Man, Spider-Man does whatever and who cares…

Michael Davis

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19 Responses

  1. I don’t care to see it simply because I couldn’t care less. I think they jumped on the re-boot train too quickly. The first two Spider-Man movies of this century were great and enough to hold me for quite some time.

  2. Mark Turner says:

    Yeah Michael, I think it is inevitable. From what I understand, it won’t happen in this one….but since they want to take the darker more “grounded” turn with the property, those around the web slinger will ultimately have to prove just how dangerous it is being around him…with their lives. It has all left me with the feeling of “meh’ *shoulder shrug*

  3. John Ostrander says:

    Felt the same way when they killed her in the comics. I loved Gwen, too (although I think I loved Jean Grey more because she’s a redhead and I have a thing about redheads). Well said, Michael! (Although i probably see the film anyway.)

  4. Doug Abramson says:

    I’m not super excited about the movie, especially the Gwen Stacy part (I prefer MJ), but I will see it. I think that Andrew Garfield is a terrific actor and Dennis Leary playing a cop is always good. I agree that its too close to the last film for a reboot, but Sony wanted a fresh start AND they had to start production by a certain time, or loose the rights. Marvel had little to do with the decision

    • NO ONE seems to be super excited. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen this of type lukewarm reception to a big superhero movie from comic fans.

  5. Ed (A Different One) says:

    As a Spiderphile of many decades myself, I hear what you’re saying to some extent. I too find myself surprisingly not-very-excited about the new Spider-Man flick. In fact, I’m halfway expecting it to bomb and that the Dark Knight will be handing Spidey his webbed posterior on this one. But it’s not Gwen Stacey for me. Don’t get me wrong, i was as traumatized as anyone when Conway (with Stan behind the scenes, I speculate) dropped that little bomb on everyone’s favorite adolescent power fantasy. In fact, the addition of Gwen, and the restoration of a little original continuity would normally be something I’m in favor of. It bugs me that most of the public who know Spider-Man only through the Raimi trilogy have the completely wrong impression of Gwen and her importance in the Spidey mythos. No, to me, it’s just too damned early to reboot that franchise! I too was rather disapointed with SM3 (the first 2, along with Nolan’s Bat movies, quite frankly wrote the book on how to do Super Hero movies IMO). But come on man! Tobey Mcquire is still too fresh in our memories as PP, and I think a lot of fan’s still have that emotional attachment to the Raimi characters and will have an impulse to spurn the new movie as a result. I’m not saying no one should ever do a Spider-Man movie again, I’m just saying that this is way too early in the scheme of things to have a go at reinventing the franchise.

    And it’s a shame quite frankly. Andrew Garfield is a fine actor whose work I’ve enjoyed before. And while I don’t know much about Emma Stone or Marc Webb for that matter, they seem to have good reputations and solid resumes. Pop culture is a weird thing, and sometimes it’s not necessarily the quality of a piece of entertainment that determines its success (though I’d like to think that helps), but the general “zeitgeist” surrounding it. The Dark Knight, for as good a movie as it was, would never have been the phenomenon it was if it had not been released against the backdrop of Ledger’s tragic death (I know that’s debatable, but I truly believe it). I’m just not feeling that the zeitgeist is there for Amazing Spider-Man.

    And that’s a shame. Gwen’s death effected us all so keenly in our early years (and the fact that we’re still talking about it this way is testament to that). I just have a bad feeling that it’s going to be largely ignored by movie goers and her memory diminished as a result . . .

  6. You need some work on correct pronoun usage.
    “… conversing about whatever is bugging he or she. A regular old fan boy will just enjoy the ride and revel in all that is his or hers pop culture drug of choice.”
    “He or she” must be replaced with the objective pronouns him and her. The possessive pronoun “hers” does not require an “s” at the end since the possessed noun “drug” is stated, not implied.

  7. mike weber says:

    I’m more likely to see Spider-Man theatrically than i am the next Batman film.

  8. DL Tyler says:

    My kids will attest that I’ve always said, the loudest, most horrifying sound effect ever in a comic was a tiny little “snap.” Sometimes Marvel’s hard realism sucked. “Not an imaginary story” as they said at DC (nowadays called ‘alternate worlds’). We knew the hero hadn’t saved the girl!

    But, they got over those days and cloned her. [Had blocked it out… all … out…]

    • DL,
      That little ‘snap’ changed my little world. I heard that in reprints they did without it. I can’t be sure but that’s what I heard.