Blame it on Stan Lee

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4 Responses

  1. Sean D. Martin says:

    “As an added Bonus here’s a link to Neal Kirby’s FATHER’S DAY tribute to his dad that ran on this site last year.”


  2. facebook_michael.harper.7509 says:

    Gerry, I’m not sure if you mentioned it, or even knew, but according to Will Eisner’s biography, “A Spirited Life”, sometime in the early Seventies, Stan wanted to get away from Marvel and go Hollywood. He asked Will to take over running the company. Good money was waved at Will, really really good money. He said, sure, I’ll take it, on one condition. Work for hire has to stop. All creators own their work. Stan shit a brick. “You can’tdo that!” Will said, you want me, that’s the deal. Stan was will to go for it in order to get away from the comics biz. Marvel’s lawyers and accountants weren’t. Imagine how different things would be now if they had.