Michael Davis: Once You Go Black, Part Four

Michael Davis

Master Of The Universe, Lord Of All Media, Most Interesting Black Man In the World, Sexiest Man on Earth, Mentor, Writer, Artist, Producer & Uppity.

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14 Responses

  1. As with so many things Michael… it’s QUALITY that ultimately prevails… in our minds if not the marketplace. When someone says “Black doesn’t sell”… it’s formulated on raw numbers, I’m sure. It comes from a place of sheet ignorance, none-the-less.

    That being said, i strongly believe when a piece of entertainment is focused on it’s story, it’s characters, and it’s ability to properly communicate? The cream will rise to the top. Pun not intended. Look at Redd Fox, Bill Cosby, or even Will Smith… Each had a show that didn’t shy away from race when it needed to… but didn’t pander or force it out either.

    Same could be said for Milestone, and many other great projects.

    • Marc,

      Most times It’s ALL about the QUALITY. Sometimes the marketing sucks like with The Iron Giant or Galaxy Quest. Both great movies which tanked due to shitty marketing but no one said they failed because one was about a giant robot and the other had Tim Allen.

  2. Mark Turner says:

    Marc invoked Milestone…I’d love to see (Hell, be a part of) a “Milestone 2.0”, so to speak, that shakes things up again! A line of quality work, from a collective company that makes the point(s) you made so powerfully!

  3. mike weber says:

    As Harlan told that story at the 1967 WorldCon (ghod i’m old), Francis Albert damned near had some broken fingers after he put his hand in the pocket as Harlan was lining up a shot…

  4. JosephW says:

    With all due respect, but Jackson is NOT “the highest grossing film actor…ever.” Has he appeared in an incredibly large number of highly grossing films? Yes. That’s undeniable. But, you have to stop and ask yourself, “Did the majority of filmgoers go to the films TO SEE Samuel L Jackson or did they go for OTHER reasons?” If the former, then your claim is correct. If the latter, then your claim is flawed. The reality is that, unless people are going to see YOU in the movie, how much the films earn at the box-office makes NO difference in YOUR box-office value. (It’s nothing against Jackson, but it’s an abysmal idea to rank actors based on the box-office performance of their films–especially when the actor isn’t really the lead character in the film. The majority of the films that account for Jackson’s “rank” feature Jackson for 20 per cent of total screen time; appearing for about 25 minutes in a film that grosses $550 million doesn’t really suggest that people went to see you in the film.)

  5. Reg says:


  6. Joseph is wrong and, Michael, you are funny as hell! And truthful.