REVIEW: “Justice League: Doom”

Mike Gold

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2 Responses

  1. john says:

    just finished watching the movie…got an advance copy from work. the story was amazing as a stand alone. great writing and acting. however, my issue is with the animation. i felt like i was watching a cheap, rushed production of young justice. now with young justice being a rushed version of crisis on two earths. dont get me wrong i love the animation style but thin lines and miss-shaped heads and such. it wasnt to the standard that is being set by the d2dvd films i have grown to love. considering the production value of the story that good the animation should have been better no excuses. as far as the multiple gag i loved it everytime it was used. it added more struggle for characters we’ve all come to expect to win every time. i found myself actually thinking hmm maybe they won’t win. all in all ill watch this movie over and over again as i do any dc production. great work! r.i.p. Dwayne McDuffie

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