Video Game Review: “Brink”

Ian Bonds

Ian Bonds is a comedian and writer from Baltimore MD. An almost ten year veteran of video game reviews, Ian also collects game systems and is a self-proclaimed "video game historian". When not reviewing games, he's writing songs about them as the comedy/nerdcore musician Insane Ian. Visit him at the Funny Music Project ( or his own website,

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1 Response

  1. Emilio Largo says:

    Personally I love the asymmetrical level designs and objectives. It’s a breath of fresh air from the usual mirror-maps in most shooter and knowing one side is going to have an uphill battle on its hands in sime maps is another unique aspect.

    Agreed about the SMART system though. Not enough terrain actually makes use of it, and places where it should work just don’t and the end result has been players moving around in a map as usual, rather than parkouring around as originally envisioned.