Health Care Reform To Be Explained in Comic Book

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2 Responses

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    OK. I read the AP article, and I didn’t find it very contemptuous. Maybe just a little pedantic and condescending, but not down right contemptuous..

    If you want contemptuous, check out columnist/blogger Michele Malkin’s take on the proposed Jonathan Gruber comic book!

    Michele Malkin wasted no time slamming the idea. She wrote, “Yes, if only we morons were able to digest the 2,000-page monstrosity with colored pictures and bigger font, we’d all bow before the federal health care bureaucrats and their costly mandates in silent, wondrous awe.”

    Malkin wrote, “Obamacare: The Comic Book. Can’t wait for the appearance of Captain Waiver.”

    Besides the obvious right-wing political spin that Michele Malkin is famous for, her comments reveal a prejudice about comic books in general. First, that comic books are written for “morons.” Comic books must be a dumbed-down media, written specifically for a semi-literate or juvenile audience. And that all comic books must be about Superheroes. Despite Jonathan Gruber stating that this work would not have any in his book, Malkin includes a photoshopped caricature of Obama in a Superhero outfit and bike helmet; just to chase her venom with a jigger of loopy, insulting nonsense.

    • Amy Goldschlager says:

      Yeah, you’re right. I did mean “condescending.” But the thing is, I expect some sort of balanced, informed article from an AP reporter. I already expect Malkin to be unbalanced, so no surprise there.