The Point Radio: ‘Buster ‘ On The ‘Arrested Development” Movie

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    That was a complete waste of time. Why would you attract people with the headline "Buster talks about Arrested Development movie" when he talks about it for 30 seconds and it's EXACTLY what everybody else is saying about it? Why would you do that crap? I thought ya'll had a new scoop for something…perhaps it's a desperate attempt at getting people to listen to your annoying little radio show, where the DJ has an obnoxious voice and there's some dinky little techno beat going on the background. The headline should simply read. "Tony Hale on CTRL". I'm sorry if I sound like an asshole, and yes this may be a small gripe, but good lord, it's just an obnoxious way of presenting "pop culture" news.

    • Brandon Barrows says:

      At least register and post with your name. It's so easy to anonymously complain and moan, but it's harder to try and put content out there for people every day. If you think your criticisms are valid you could at least own up to them.

  2. Anonymous says:

    I'm not going to register to a site that I never visit, but my name is Jonathan. So there you go. I'm easily annoyed by stuff that sounds like TMZ…is the guy in the radio show the same announcer who does that show, by the way? It sounds like it. Nice and abrasive.