Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince’ on DVD

Robert Greenberger

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1 Response

  1. Bob A says:

    Just a couple of pet peeves and then a major flaw which affected the climax of the film. The film opens in a diner with Harry being hit on by a waitress and finally being met by the Headmaster. I felt the original Rowlings beginning much more interesting and was intensely disappointed it wasn't included. I was even more offended by the inclusion of a fire which destroyed The Burrow- Where the hell did THAT come from?But lastly, when the story has the opportunity to really show it's teeth, they has so dampened the conflict between Harry and Snape, thet I felt robbed of an intense dramatic moment. What should have been a powerful and frightening duel, I was left wanting. I can only hope Yates improves his story-telling with the next film. What was Rowling thinking in letting these changes go thru?