Review: Three Will Eisner Reprints – ‘A Family Matter’, ‘Minor Miracles’, and ‘Life on Another Planet’

Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler spent 16 years as a book club editor, most notably for the Science Fiction Book Club, and has been a judge for the 2005 World Fantasy Awards and the 2009 Eisner Awards. He is now Marketing Manager for John Wiley & Sons.

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1 Response

  1. Brandon Barrows says:

    I read Life On Another Planet some years ago, and felt much the same way. To any sort of science fiction fan, it's quite a poor showing. However, Will Eisner said himself that he was never really a fan of science fiction and that the sci-fi element of the story was more of a Macguffin than anything else, and he was trying more to showcase the humanistic point of view he felt lacking in comics. He also wanted to use the story was a proof-of-concept that science fiction as a genre could work in the graphic novel format, although why I could not guess as sci-fi has obviously long been a part of the comics world.