Review: ‘Stitches’ by David Small — a comics memoir of an amazingly bad childhood

Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler spent 16 years as a book club editor, most notably for the Science Fiction Book Club, and has been a judge for the 2005 World Fantasy Awards and the 2009 Eisner Awards. He is now Marketing Manager for John Wiley & Sons.

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3 Responses

  1. mike weber says:

    Sounds as if the structure of this book might be (superficially at least) similar to that of Alison Bechdel's Fun Home, which does not tell her story in a single, straight-forward manner, but curcles 'round it, gradually peeling back layers of history and emoton, trying to get at her essential relationship with her father.Also sounds as if Bechdel does it better.

    • Amy Goldschlager says:

      Possibly, Bechdel does (I'm a huge fan of hers), but as far as I know, she's never been nominated for the National Book Award, either. Stitches is up for a YA award this year, and if nothing else, you've got to applaud what that means for the graphic fiction & nonfiction genres.

  2. mike weber says:

    I don't know about that.I missed the fact that "Fun Home" is, in fact, mentioned in the second paragraph, but the main thrust of that paragraph, that only non-fiction graphic novels get any respect and that all others are "just comic books" is all too true.I'll stand by my statement that (based on this review) it sounds as if Bechdel did it better; it's a truism that truly representative genre fiction (of whatever type) is not notable for nominated for/winning prestigious mainstream awards. As a long-time SF fan, i am all too familiar with the "Oh, but that's not really science fiction – it's too good to be buckrogersstuff!" syndrome.When straight fiction graphic novels are considered for or awarded prestigious awards, then i'll applaud.