Review: ‘Logicomix’, the Sorrows of Young Bertie, and the Great Quest

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2 Responses

  1. Richard Zach says:

    The story about Hilbert never visiting his son is fictitious.

  2. Alexandra Honigsberg says:

    Truly, Mr. Zach? I'd read it in more than one philosophical source (including the authors' appendix), so figured by due triangulation that it was worth mentioning. Now, if it's not true (not that I don't believe you, but'm curious as to your sources), why do sources say so? how did the myth get started? I'm no stranger to historical myths, but there's then always an interesting story to how the misunderstanding got started (like the stories of incest and poison with the Borgias — pure myth started by rival families like the equally ruthless Medicis and Sforzas, plus misreading of some old Latin papal documents). And surely, I don't know everything and have been known to be wrong, now and then. If so, my apologies. And you should let the authors know, too. Still…fascinating. –Alexandra