More Industry Layoffs

Robert Greenberger

Robert Greenberger is best known to comics fans as the editor of Who's Who In The DC Universe, Suicide Squad, and Doom Patrol. He's written and edited several Star Trek novels and is the author of The Essential Batman Encyclopedia. He's known for his work as an editor for Comics Scene, Starlog, and Weekly World News, as well as holding executive positions at both Marvel Comics and DC Comics.

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3 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a surprise that WotC should be laying people off. They are only asking their fans to spend $120 on a system that makes no sense after they further broke what needed to be fixed. Anyone remember TSR…anyone?

  2. Anonymous says:

    "Margaret Clark, another former DC staffer, is now solely responsible for the media tie-in line along with editors Jennifer Heddle and Ed Schlesinger."Please forgive some syntactical snark at what's clearly a dark time for those affected by these layoffs, but what does it mean to say that one person has "sole" responsibility for something along with two other people?

    • Glenn Hauman says:

      It's who's responsible for what. Margaret is now solely for the Star Trek media tie-in line; Marco's other titles are expected to be split between Ed and Jennifer, but we aren't sure of the final split yet.