War Machine turns ‘Traitor’

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4 Responses

  1. Allan Lamberti says:


  2. Delmo Walters Jr. says:

    While I love Cheadle, I don't see him as Rhodey. They should've cast Sharif Atkins who played Rhodey in the screen test with Downey Jr. It's on the dvd.

  3. Josh Wigler says:

    I agree. Cheadle just ain't the guy IMO. Someone suggested Michael Jai White, who I think physically fits the part but I'm not sure he's got the acting chops for it. Maybe someone can fuse Jai White and Cheadle into one entity?

    • Dave says:

      While I enjoyed the Iron Man movie, (other than Robert Downey Jr. and maybe the actress who played Pepper) I didn't get the feeling someone would need a lot of "acting chops" to be in it. Shoot, I thought Jarvis was a better actor than most of the other people in the film. I didn't think Cheadle "looked" right to play Rhodey, but I think and decent actor with the right "look" could play the character.However, for the type of movie Iron Man is, more than a few good actors aren't really needed. I still thought the movie was great fun.