‘Marvel Universe Online’ – Why They Killed It

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3 Responses

  1. Van Jensen says:

    The question I always had about it was what characters would people be, because, as you pointed out, there are only so many characters in the Marvel U, and a handful are substantially more popular than all the others. So would it be a bunch of the same characters? Or would people have to create new characters? And, in that case, how would that be different from something like City of Heroes?All that said, I'm not a gamer, and I couldn't care less if this comes about or not.

    • Karl Cramer says:

      I always thought it would be cool if the premise of the game was a big alternate dimension crossover. You could be the same hero, just from different universes with slight customizable tweaks. Like the all Wolverine squad from Exiles #85.

    • Brian Alvey says:

      I can't imagine having a team of 40 Wolverines would work very well. You'd almost have to have the system running multiple separate realities, at which point it's no longer everyone playing in the same MMO and might as well be running on your Xbox at home.