Doctor Who in Review: Season Four, Episode #1 – New Companions, Old Feelings

Rick Marshall

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8 Responses

  1. Neil says:

    It was a great start to the new season. All the misses between the Doctor and Donna were great and the scene where they saw each other was priceless. "Captain Jack's Monster Files" is mentioned above – when I tried to access it, I saw a note that it was only available in the UK. Does anyone know if some of these "only in UK" features will be on the SciFi site or made available? Does anyone know if they have a quicker process for getting food and drugs to market in England than in the US? I just can't see something like Adipose making it through an FDA process. :) For next time, folk might want to contrast and compare "The Fires of Pompeii" with Big Finish's "The Fires of Vulcan"

    • Rick Marshall says:

      That feature must have been restricted recently, as I was able to watch the video a week or so ago when I first put this article together. I'm a stickler for only posting links that are accessible to everyone… Strange things are afoot in the Doctor Who universe, it seems! I'll look around and see if there's another place to check out that feature, Neil.And thanks for the tip re: "Fires of Vulcan."

      • Neil says:

        I wrote to the BBC Doctor Who website people and they explained the situation: "There are new BBC rules for showing of the new content and Flash videothat affect what we do now. We're working hard on a solution, but it'slikely to take a bit of time to resolve. We want you to see them too,but our hands are tied just at the moment! For some reason, weeks 1 and 2 weren't blocked as they (regrettably) should have been."You must have seen the video before they "corrected" their mistake.

  2. David says:

    Wait, you guys didn't hear? They preemted the episode. It won't air until next week.:P, Just kidding.Great article. I'm glad to be able to read it now. I noticed in the Pulling the Heartstrings section that one of the scenes discussed was deleted for the American version. I think an interesting section to add would be a list of differences between the two versions. (although you'd have to see both versions for this to work, and since this article was written before the episode was aired in America, this might not work)

    • Rick Marshall says:

      Ha! You're killing me, David…No, seriously. I think my heart just skipped a few beats, man.So that scene was left out in the American version? It's weird that no one mentioned it, as I ran the article by several people who saw the episode on SciFi this weekend. I'll have to catch it on SciFi myself and see what else might have changed… I think that's a good idea re: listing the changes between the US and UK versions, too. We'll see what we can do.

  3. Karl Cramer says:

    Stupid seeding law. I'd be happy to surrogate a bunch of Adipose kids to get thin.

  4. Neil says:

    By the way, at the moment the commentaries for the episodes don't appear to be accessible from the US. But the commentary for the episode currently airing in the UK can be downloaded and then folk can listen to it later at their leisure. I saw it while browsing through the news on the BBC Doctor Who site. Episode 4 is available right now.