Pictures of Snake Eyes from ‘G.I. Joe’ Film Revealed

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3 Responses

  1. Esbat says:

    PUre unadulterated sexiness… I love Stephen Sommers’ flicks. The Mummy franchise to Van Helsing to Deep Rising, this man has yet to disappoint me. So him working on Gi Joe is just aces for me and probably a big fan boy cryfest due to the unpopularity of his past works. Sucks for them, awesome for me.

    • Pearce says:

      Yeah Sommers seems like just the guy to make a movie out of a line of toys. A sea monster, the Mummy, Frankenstein and Dracula were a bit too high-brow for him. This movie doesn’t require him to actually have a brain, so he should excel – just like Michael Bay finally finding his place with Transformers.