Michael George and the Pittsburgh Comicon

Mike Gold

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11 Responses

  1. Kevin Greenlee says:

    Whether or not someone chooses to support this show is, of course, their own business. But it does seem a bit disingenuous to suggest that revenue raised by this con will not support Michael George just because he now happens to be in prison. If attendees' monies pay his past legal bills, that does in fact support him. And while his current wife does indeed need to create a new life for herself, is there any reason to believe that she will use the funds generated from this show to do that? Or will those funds be used to finance a string of legal appeals? My own young daughter is having a wish granted by "Make A Wish" and so I have great fondness for that wonderful organization. There are many ways of supporting it which do not involve helping to pay a murderer's past and future legal bills.

    • Mike Gold says:

      Well, you're certainly entitled to your opinion. But you're punishing a person who is not guilty of murder or, as far as the police have determined, anything else. She's the one who has to pay the bills for the convention and, yes, possibly for George's defense as well. The buck stops with her, not with him. Is that fair? Probably not, although I don't know any alternative. But if she doesn't pay the bills, what are they going to do? Move her husband to debtor's prison? Probably not. More likely, they'll take everything they can lay their hands on — which will be her stuff and not his bar of soap and roll of toilet paper.

      • Wendi says:

        Maybe she should have found a man who wasn’t married. Who should help support a whore? She gets what she deserves and should be punished for having no morals.

  2. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t believe Renee knew what happened all along you are all misguided. Why couldn’t she take the stand in her husband’s defense?? Probably since she was having an affair with him at the time and she knows way too much that she does want others to know. Mike had a "secret apartment" and I am sure Renee had been there. Maybe that is where they went to clean up after the murder. I have to believe she was in on it.

  3. Anonymous says:

    My boyfriend and I have attended the show for four years now, and plan to go this year. We are longtime customers of Michael and Renee, and have helped them out at the show in past years. Convention proceeds go to pay for the next year's convention. Pure and simple. Before one show wraps, the next is scheduled and paid for. These two people have raised a huge sum of money for both Make-A-Wish and the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund over the years. The rest of the money goes for the next show. If you think this money goes to Michael's defense, and you think he's guilty, don't go. But you are the one missing out. I'll be there, every year until it's no longer there, or I can no longer go. I personally feel that Michael did not do this, that Renee definitely had nothing to do with it, and the convention had nothing to do with it. Personal opinion, and I'm not pushing it upon others. Most people I know think the conviction was wrong, and hope the appeals process does it's job. And these people have never met him or his family. We're all entitled to our opinions and feelings in this case, and no one can call another's wrong. Make your own decision about attending the convention: letting other people (that you don't even know) make that decision for you makes you a pawn. If you check the website, you'll see that there are just as many guests this year as any other year. The show will be great, even though many of us will feel sorrow that we won't see Michael's smiling face and hear his laughter. For those of you who think this is a good thing: fine. I for one know the show will never be the same.Also, while I am a supporter of Michael and Renee, as well has the seven innocent children involved, we cannot forget about Barbara George. She deserves justice in this case. Her children deserve it too. If her family feels that this is justice, and they can sleep at night, then good for them. But it just doesn't feel like justice to me. Or to Tracie and Michelle. I want the truth, and I won't believe he's guilty unless he admits it. Until then, I support my friends and I believe in his innocence. Let's hope the justice system gets it right when they appeal.J from PA

    • Janelle Laird says:

      I am an attorney here in Idaho, and after reviewing all the evidence I could gather regarding Michael George, I can not see how any jury could convict him beyond a reasonable doubt. The burden of proving his guilt in this matter beyond a reasonable doubt is totally absent and it is my prayers that our justice system has not gotten to the point where anyone can be railroaded into prison. You have to understand that if this can happen to him, you could be next. It takes a huge leap to convict someone of murder just because he was cheating on his wife. 72% of married men have cheated on their wives at one time or another. I was shocked to see that he is still in prison and that the Supreme Court has yet to rule on the judges decision to award Mr. George a new trial. You know, in my 17 years of experience in the courtroom, I have decided that the majority of jurys lean in favor of the prosecutors simply because they enjoy the sudden power over the fate of someone else….. this is a subconscious psychological condition called "Prison Guard Syndrome". There are more innocent people in American prisons than anyone has yet the courage to address. I welcome you comments.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Good riddance to bad rubbish. I knew this jerk had something horribly wrong in his head. I was an guest for several years at his convention and witnessed some really shady dealings involving Michael and his little goons. One year Michael told me and a other guests about an exhibitors daughter that was a "Nice piece of @$$ that could hook us up for $200 an hour." He creepily told us about his experience with her as well. The following year I saw them attack someone in the penthouse and set off the fire alarm in the middle of the night, forcing veteran comic artists out in the cold, in wheelchairs etc. Dozens of my associates have been boycotting the convention years before this latest revalation. I'm sure there are plenty of good people that have given him money and he in turn has given respect, but don't be fooled by this scumbag. As for the Make a Wish Foundation and The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund… Great causes but both have gained from the death of Barbara George and should be aggressively renouncing this convention. I know Renee didn't pull the trigger, but she should not be benefit from Michaels criminal activities.

    • Mike Gold says:

      I guess I'd have a bit more respect for your position if it weren't presented behind the wall of anonymity. It's your right and prerogative, and I'm certainly not defending Mr. George, who has been convicted of murder. But to tar the staff ('and his little goons") with the same brush, well, that's certainly pretty macho of you.

    • Anonymous says:

      I worked at the supermarket in Michigan when Mike met Barb who also worked there. He repeatedly cheated on her while they were dating and after their marriage. He was an arrogant scum bag back then with very few that could stand him being around.

  5. jdm says:

    Just as I am sure that once W Bush is tried and sentenced for war crimes, people will still vote republican, I am sure that fans of comics and those who appear at the con, will attend, despite what a knucklhead prick in charge may have done wrong.People seem to be keen on attacking or defending but on if it is convenient to their particular slant already.