‘Y: The Last Man’ and ‘Transmetropolitan’ – Plagiarized?

Rick Marshall

Rick Marshall was Online Managing Editor for ComicMix before joining MTV's SplashPage. Previously, he was Online Content Manager for Wizard Entertainment. He has written for several daily newspapers, alternative weekly newspapers, trade magazines and online media, and was named "Writer of the Year" by the New York Press Association in 2005.

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6 Responses

  1. J. Andrew World says:

    I think "Plagiarized" is a harsh word in some of those cases. That is saying that Frank Miller "Plagiarized" Bob Kane in "The Dark Night Returns." Niel Gaiman has always said that Sandman was based on an old DC Comic, we just assumed he was talking about the golden age Sandman. I think that this blog post is the begining of a very interesting essay…

    • Rick Marshall says:

      Umm… These are Photoshop parodies…. like it says in the article. Sorry for the confusion, I guess.

      • J. Andrew World says:

        I didn't finish reading the article, I jumped right to the site. My bad.

        • Rick Marshall says:

          No worries. I just wasn't sure how to break the news easiest that it actually a parody. That's ALWAYS an awkward revelation.But you DID have a point about the inspiration for popular series.

          • J. Andrew World says:

            Often (myself included) Artists and writers find insperation in already created works. Nirvana's "Smells like Teenspirit" guitar hook is from Boston's "More than a Feeling". In fact in music, you can often see where things are spawned from. New Yorker magazine did a great article talking about what I have come to call "Creative Evolution." A perfect exsample of that is Harry Potter. JK Rawling has admited that she was inspired in 1990, the same year "Books of Magic" came out. Obviously she used Neil Gaiman's story as a jumping off point and built up her entire mythology around the comic. She has never said anything publicly about the books of magic. However, this is the same as Nirvana and Boston.That parody was done all to well!

  2. Vinnie Bartilucci says:

    I think we all know that Y: The Last Man was lifted from the Rowdy Roddy Piper classic "Hell Comes to Frogtown"…