MIKE GOLD apologizes to William Shatner… and Denny O’Neil

Mike Gold

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10 Responses

  1. mike baron says:

    Oh come on, Mike! Dump on Shatner. He can take it.

  2. Jason A. Quest says:

    For more self-deprecating Shatner, check out "Free Enterprise" (with pre-"Will & Grace" Eric McCormack), in which Shatner has a supporting role as himself. The writers wanted him to be the sage guru of two 30-ish geeks, but he persuaded them to present him as a lonely nut trying to use their tenuous Hollywood connections to help him produce a musical in which he'd play (and sing) all the parts: "William Shakespeare's and William Shatner's Julius Caesar".

  3. Martha Thomases says:

    FREE ENTERPRISE is one of the great movies ever. And it has Golden Apple as a set!

  4. M. Sean McManus says:

    "at least you’re not a raving lunatic. And that’s always something."That is a goal of mine as well…

  5. M. Sean McManus says:

    "at least you’re not a raving lunatic. And that’s always something."That is a goal of mine as well.

  6. Elayne Riggs says:

    To be a lunatic, Sean, or not to be one?

  7. John McCarthy says:

    I'm a William Shatner fan. There, I admitted it. And for many of the same reasons as Mike lists above. But Bill Shatner has permanently altered the way my wife and I enjoy Elton John's song, Rocket Man. For anyone who has seen Mr. Shatner's . . .interpretation. . . of Rocket Man, no explanation is necessary. And if you haven't seen the infamous video from that Sci-Fi convention (back in the late '70s, I think), then no words I conjure will do it justice. It's reached a point, where, if we even hear the opening strains of the song, my wife and I will lock eyes across a room and simply smile. While in our heads, we're doubled over with laughter. "I'm. A. Rock. Et. Man." Thank you, Bill.

  8. Lauren says:

    I must add to the Shatner mix the album Has Been with an amazing cover of Common People (originally by British band Pulp) with Joe Jackson assisting along with songs done with Henry Rollins, and Ben Folds. He self-deprecatingly interprets these new songs. Also loved him on MTV Movie awards a few years ago doing Guns N' Roses cover and the early priceline ads.

  9. Ken Barnes says:

    I always attributed the spelling of "teevee" to Skip Williamson from the underground character Snappy Sammy Smoot who said "Don't Wee Wee on Yer Tee Vee Set" back in the 70s. Maybe Denny was an avid Sammy Smoot reader and passed the spelling on – unintentional plagarism style.

  10. Mike Gold says:

    Wow, you're right. I hadn't thought of that. And this comment comes at an amazing time, as Skippy just agreed (as in, I read the e-mail just before I read your comment) to do the cover to our upcoming Munden's Bar anthology. Damn! Skip's already done a brand-new Munden's story with John Ostrander; we're waiting for a few more to come in before you see 'em. Stay tuned.And don't wee wee on yer tee vee. Or your computer.