MATT RAUB loved 1/2 of Grindhouse!

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  1. Ducky4LiFe210 says:

    Just caught the movie. And you're out of your mind. Tarantino's movie was absolutely amazing, and ten times better than "Planet Bore". This film actually had depth and character development, other than Rodriguez's whack off for an hour and a half. Nice wording, but your opinion is somewhat lacking in actual knowledge.

  2. Michael H. Price says:

    Interesting to note the sharp division between a preference for Rodriguez' grislier segment and a preference for Tarantino's talkier portion. I find that the halves work better when taken as a whole than either works by itself. Preference here? Tarantino's "Death Proof," with its leisurely, almost Godard-like, art-film build-up to the road-rage payoff. I'm a bit put off by the didactic believe-in-yourself undertones of Rodriguez' cannibal-zombie yarn. The missing-footage gimmick, which figures in both parts, is of particular note. I've run across quite a few authentic grindhouse films with missing and/or mutilated portions, usually involving sequences that would seem to have contained some particularly steamy business. These discoveries date as far back as a 16mm print of Dwain Esper's proto-grinder SEX MANIAC (1934), which turned up around 1975 in a shipment to a community-college cable-teevee station in Texas from Cable Films of Kansas City.I was working at the time on the manuscript for the first FORGOTTEN HORRORS book, and this title proved relevant to the research process. A lab screening of the print found it to be in pretty fair condition, except for its only (comparatively discreet) nudie sequence — which had been so thoroughly wrecked by projector-gate scars and sprocket-hole rips as to require repairs. Almost a "missing reel" situation. Best guess is that some prior client of Cable Films' rental service had found the sequence so, uhm, interesting as to bear running it back-and-forth repeatedly, without bothering to rewind and re-thread the film.Almost goes without saying that SEX MANIAC wound up NOT playing on the local college-campus channel.– Mike Price

  3. EmilyB says:

    This is awesome and can't wait to read more.

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Cool. And at least the wait is only a week!

      • EmilyB says:

        I really love how I can relate to it. I know a lot of people like all the characters involved, including myself, and while sometimes that becomes cringe-worthy ("Oo, that sounds like me!") overall it's refreshing. :)

        • MARK WHEATLEY says:

          One of the original concerns that Bob Tinnell and I had going into EZ STREET was to be sure that we concentrated on how the drive to create impacts on an artist's day-to-day life. Keeping it "real" or cringe-worthy. In addition to your own experience, Bob and I have each had our own cringe-worthy moments in the script – perhaps a few more than we would care to admit!