Sopranos’ Frankie Valli sings to ComicMix!

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4 Responses

  1. Marilee J. Layman says:

    There's no continuity between the last one and this, plus this has page numbers in the 30s. What's going on?

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Good catch on the page numbers. We've been looking forward to having page numbers that reflect the TOTAL NUMBER OF PAGES in the story, rather than the number of pages each week. And this is the first week that the change has hit EZ STREET. I hope the tech team is planning on going back now and making the previous page numbers match the format. But I'm willing to cut them some slack because they are working on a lot of other features.So – you didn't miss ANYTHING since last week. The final page last week was page 38 – the first page this week is page 39.And there is a LOT of continuity between last week and this week. But because we are chopping up a graphic novel in weekly bits – it is not evident in this week's pages just what that continuity is. And that, I agree, is less than ideal. If the situation was going to last for more than one week, I might have thrown the schedule out the window and run a super long week. But that way lies missed deadlines. And we don't want that!Next week all will be clear. And I'll even give you a hint: WALTER MITTY.

  2. Peter Inglis says:

    Nice work, especially the comments in the early issues on the nature of the industry…. film, comics, publishing, it is definitely the same in the music industry!

    • MARK WHEATLEY says:

      Peter, having done some work in the music industry – I can confirm this! Frankly – one of the reasons that Bob and I decided EZ STREET was a good idea is that we believe this kind of struggle to build a dream is shared in any field, not just comics. If anything, the frustrations in the music industry are even greater – which is why I spend most of my time making comics and not making music. Which is frustrating because I always have a few songs half done and I've been averaging only two a year for a decade.