Review: ‘The Country Nurse’ by Jeff Lemire

Andrew Wheeler

Andrew Wheeler spent 16 years as a book club editor, most notably for the Science Fiction Book Club, and has been a judge for the 2005 World Fantasy Awards and the 2009 Eisner Awards. He is now Marketing Manager for John Wiley & Sons.

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1 Response

  1. Russ Rogers says:

    This book comes out in October. How much of a pain would it be to write the review now, file it and then sit on it for two months? My attention span is short. The older I get the shorter my memory becomes too. I think this review would have a bigger impact if it's published closer to the date of release of the book. I know, in the world of Comics, release dates can become very flexible.I know it's easier to write these reviews and publish them when they are fresh in your mind. You get the review copy well ahead of the publishing date so that you will have PLENTY of time to read it, muse over it and come up with a well worded review. And this review is ALL that and more. I can't fault Andrew Wheeler for putting together yet another well written, thoughtful look at an interesting book, especially one that might be overlooked book by other media sources. It would be nice if in the details of the book that include, Essex County Vol. 3: The Country Nurse, By Jeff Lemire, Top Shelf, October 2008, $9.95, you could put a few more statistics. Whether the book is in color, the number of pages and roughly the dimensions, especially if this is over-sized or odd sized. It would be nice to see a few panels of art, just to get a sense of the style too. It's sometimes hard to judge just from the cover image. You can't judge a book by it's cover, even though I try.