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Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of Genre Fiction and New Pulp, announces the release of the latest work from one of Pro Se’s most prolific and popular authors, the imagination behind the Pro Se Imprint, Hansen’s Way-Nancy A. Hansen!

From Fantasy Author Nancy A. Hansen’s very own imprint- Hansen’s Way- Comes PROPHECY’S GAMBIT, the follow up novel to Hansen’s stunning best selling novel debut FORTUNE’S PAWN!

 Left to pick up the pieces of a life in upheaval after her harrowing adventures in FORTUNE’S PAWN, young Callie makes a disconcerting discovery: she is carrying the child of a clandestine and forbidden union. While the mundane existence of a barmaid in a frontier town holds its own challenges, the world around her is realigning in a most sinister and dangerous way. Calculating eyes, benevolent and malicious, are now turned in her direction; and Callie finds herself in the midst of ever-increasing intrigue to control her destiny. Will this headstrong and courageous young woman—who has within her the spark of life that could bring together a diverse legion of defenders—survive long enough to carry this pregnancy to term? Or will Callie forfeit her place in legend and history to protect the shameful secret of her unborn child’s heritage and unknowingly sacrifice everyone else’s hopes and dreams in the process? Find out in PROPHECY’S GAMBIT by Nancy Hansen-part of her Hansen’s Way imprint from Pro Se Productions!  Featuring Cover Art by Terry Pavlet, Format and Design by Sean E. Ali, and Ebook Design and Format by Russ Anderson!

Available at Amazon in print-  http://tinyurl.com/9w7upok  Also available at at Pro Se’s Createspace store- 
http://tinyurl.com/arghf3r for $15.00And for $2.99 on your Kindle at http://tinyurl.com/agol29y.   The Ebook is also available at www.smashwords.com and for your Nook at http://www.barnesandnoble.com.

A writer of fantasy and adventure fiction for over 20 years, Nancy Hansen is the author of the novel FORTUNE’S PAWN, and anthologies TALES OF THE VAGABOND BARDS and THE HUNTRESS OF GREENWOOD— all available from Pro Se Press under her imprint Hansen’s Way. Her short stories have been featured in many issues of Pro Se Presents. She is also Assistant Editor and head cheerleader for the company. She has contributed stories to both Airship 27 and Mechanoid Press anthologies as well. Nancy currently resides in beautiful rural northeastern Connecticut with an eclectic cast of family members, and one very spoiled dog.

Pro Se Productions-www.prosepulp.com

For Review Copies and Interviews with the Author, please email proseproductions@earthlink.net


Pro Se Productions, a leading Publisher of New Pulp and Heroic Fiction, announces the release of a FREE online novella featuring a character that debuted from Pro Se in December 2011.

The Adventures of Nicholas Saint, created and written by Tommy Hancock, first appeared as a novella preview in Pro Se Presents #5 (December 2011).  This story takes the legend of Santa Claus and puts a decidedly Pulpy twist on the entire concept.   A long lived pioneer of many disciplines, most notably genetic science, Nicholas Saint protects the world from his outpost hidden on top of the globe.  Known as Santa Claus to generations- how this came about is as yet an untold story, but one Hancock insists will be shared-Saint uses that identity to not only spread charity once a year, but to defend the world from mad scientists, strange villains, eager despots and most notably, the most evil malevolence in the world, one that children all over the world know and adore.

“There are,” Hancock states, “many a riff on Santa and his elves, Mrs. Claus, and so on.   I’ve always wondered, though, what Santa would look like if he were Pulped up and, as much as possible with such a story, he and his were brought into a more realistic setting-as realistic as the world of Hero Pulps can get and still preserve the essence of the legend, anyway.  Everything that we know to be Santa-and even things that we have forgotten that relate to the legend-are built into Nicholas Saint.  The chance to play, also, with another legendary pantheon of sorts- the bad guys of the tale- is a hoot, too.  I think Pulp fans will find much they like within ‘The Adventures of Nicholas Saint’ and we at Pro Se are more than glad to share it with them.”

The debut novella finds Saint and his companions drawn to a small Ohio town, one that ten years earlier was the scene of tragedy and Saint’s greatest personal failure.  Now, seemingly with a second chance, Saint returns to put right what was made wrong before, only to learn that horror and evil he thought vanquished may likely be alive and well and thirsty for his blood.

At least 2,000 words of the novella will be posted at www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com from 12/18/12 through 12/31/12.   Early in 2013, the novella will be collected into a print volume with new material added and published by Pro Se Productions with a newly rendered cover by David L. Russell (A cover that will debut this week on www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com).  As new chapters are posted, the previous chapters will be posted on the NICHOLAS SAINT page at www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com so it can be read from beginning to end as it is posted!

Featuring the cover of Pro Se Presents #5 designed and created by Sean E. Ali, Pro Se Productions gives you- THE ADVENTURES OF NICHOLAS SAINT at www.pulpmachine.blogspot.com!

Logo Designed by Perry Constantine


Pro Se Productions, a Publisher specializing in Heroic Fiction, New Pulp and multiple genres, announces today the licensing of a modern hard boiled PI Character originally appearing in a DC Vertigo mini series and created by one of the leading writers of modern Crime Pulp Fiction.

The Nate Hollis Investigations
Moonstone 2011
“Pulp is associated with many genres,” Tommy Hancock, Partner in and Editor in Chief of Pro Se stated. “None, though, probably as much as the Crime/Mystery field, particularly the PI tale.   That’s why Pro Se is proud to announce that Nate Hollis, a character created by Gary Phillips for the 2005 Vertigo miniseries ANGELTOWN is now a part of Pro Se’s future prose lineup.”

A noted crime and mystery writer, Gary Phillips is the creative mind behind the Ivan Monk series as well as books featuring Las Vegas’ showgirl-turned- courier, Martha Chaney.  Phillips has also contributed to multiple collections, including one of Moonstone’s AVENGER CHRONICLES, and is one of the two driving forces, along with Hancock, behind Pro Se’s upcoming major release BLACK PULP.

“ANGELTOWN,” said Hancock, “introduced the world to Nate Hollis, as hard boiled and two fisted as any detective that came before him.  Not only does Nate have all the classic attributes of a Pulp PI, but he’s set squarely in the modern era and is also enhanced by all that comes with that.   Pro Se is excited about the future of Nate Hollis, including new anthologies and even novels written by the best authors in New Pulp, including Gary himself.”

Nate Hollis Creator
Gary Phillips
Hollis’ creator, Gary Phillips added, “I’m jazzed that Tommy and the fine folks at Pro Se Press have taken on producing the further outings of Nate Hollis and the other characters in his orbit.  Tough customers such as shotgun-wielding female bounty hunter Irma Ducett aka Irma Deuce, and Nate’s ex-pro football playing granddad, Obadiah “Clutch” Hollis, current owner of a neighborhood dive frequented by the squares and the strange.  Certainly I’m looking forward to seeing how other writers will devise cases for Nate and, of course, I’ll be penning some new stories too.  It’s going to be a blast.”

Hancock stated that announcements would be forthcoming concerning publication of the first Nate Hollis book from Pro Se, fully expecting a book to be published in the first half of 2013.

Nate Hollis originally debuted in Angeltown, a five-part miniseries from DC Comics’ Vertigo imprint, January-May 2005.  The strip was then collected and reprinted in hardcover graphic novel form as Angeltown: The Nate Hollis Investigations, with two new prose short stories added, by Moonstone Books in 2011. 

For more information concerning Nate Hollis and Pro Se, email Hancock at proseproductions@earthlink.net.

Gary Phillips – www.gdphillips.com

Pro Se Productions- www.prosepulp.com



Two Companies known for independent creations and innovative storytelling in two different media combine their ideas and creators together for one fantastic series of books!  Pro Se Productions, a leader in New Pulp and Action/Adventure Fiction, and Heroic Publishing, a force in independent comics since the mid-1980s, have announced that beginning in 2013, new adventures as well as adaptations of past comic books featuring Heroic flagship characters Liberty Girl, Flare, and Eternity Smith will be written and published by Pro Se!
Tommy Hancock, Partner and Editor in Chief of Pro Se stated, “Pro Se is always interested in crafting new tales of concepts that deserve them and the universe that Heroic Publishing has created more than qualifies.   Eternity Smith is a character that has always occupied a space in my comic collection, and one of those that I’ve always wanted to take a crack at writing.   Thanks to the effort of Pro Se Submissions Editor Barry Reese and the man behind Heroic, Dennis Mallonee, that dream is coming true.   Not only with Eternity Smith, but with two stellar heroines from Heroic:-Flare and the Liberty Girl!”
Liberty Girl, a World War II heroine ripped from her glory days and rocketed forward in time to today, where she’s needed more than ever!   Flare, fashion model and brightly shining super heroine!  Eternity Smith, time-tossed scientific genius fighting against a future full of horror!  These legendary characters from Heroic will be featured in prose novels and anthologies, both adapting past comic work into prose as well as new stories, written by some of today’s newest and best talents in New Pulp!
“Some writers,” Hancock said, “have already been attached to specific projects.  Others have been approached.  There will also be opportunities for open calls as well, to bring in writers who have an interest in these characters.   And after the first year, there exists the possibility of bringing even more Heroic characters into HEROIC PROSE!, the Pro Se/Heroic line , such as the Champions and other popular characters.”
The first Heroic Prose book is scheduled for early 2013, an adaptation of the first Liberty Girl comic book by noted author Barry Reese.  Hancock will be helming an adaptation of as well as new tales of Eternity Smith.  Other titles will be announced as they become reality for 2013 and beyond.

Pro Se Productions-www.prosepulp.com

Heroic Publishing- www.heroicmultiverse.com


New Pulp Author Barry Reese compiles a list of the Top 10 new New Pulp best selling books on Amazon every Monday morning. See how your favorite pulp books fare each week at http://barryreese.net.

Without further ado, here’s the completely and totally unofficial New Pulp bestseller list as of right now (title, then publisher, then release date, then sales rank):
1) Doc Savage: Death’s Dark Domain by Will Murray (Altus Press, September 2012) – 71,739
2) The Golden Age by Jeff Deischer (White Rocket Books, October 2012) – 125,852
3) Pro Se Presents # 15 by Various (Pro Se Press, November 2012) – 184,340

4) The Spider: Shadow of Evil by C.J. Henderson and J. Anthony Kosar (Moonstone Books, October 2012) – 273,590
5) Horror Heroes by Various (Pulp Empire, October 2012) – 585,940
6) Secret Agent “X” – Volume Four by Various (Airship 27, October 2012) – 647,102
7) Three Against the Stars by Joe Bonadonna (Airship 27, November 2012) – 795,194
8 ) Black Bat Mysteries Volume Two by Various (Airship 27, August 2012) – 867,330
9) Mystery Men (& Women) Volume Three by Various (Airship 27, November 2012) – 956,126

10) Monster Aces by Various (Pro Se Press, October 2012) – 1,463,279

Just missing the list were: Pro Se Presents # 14 by Various (Pro Se Press, October 2012) – 1,697,869, Blood of the Centipede by Chuck Miller (Pro Se Press, September 2012) – 2,140,953, Pirates and Swashbucklers Volume Two by Various (Pulp Empire, October 2012) – 2,335,554 and The Spur: Loki’s Rock by Mark Ellis (Fortuna Books, September 2012) – 2,471,177.

Read the full list and the rules for putting the list together here.



A Review of The New Adventures of Richard Knight

by Andrew Salmon

(Disclaimer: Andrew Salmon writes for Pulp Obscura) 

When Pro Se Press got together with Altus Press to create the Pulp Obscura line, it was a match made in Heaven. As Altus gave rabid pulp fans top-notch collections of forgotten heroes from the Golden Age of pulp, Pro Se wrangled together a bevy of New Pulp’s finest authors to create anthologies containing new tales featuring these forgotten heroes – the perfect melding of past and future.

Submitted for your consideration is first release in the Pulp Obscura line: The New Adventures of Richard Knight.With Altus’s first collection of original Knight tales comes this first volume of new Knight stories by some of New Pulp’s best. And it does not disappoint.

But first a little background. For those of you who don’t know, Richard Knight was a 1940s pulp hero in the rich playboy by day, ace pilot and secret spy designated Q by night. Created by Donald Keyhoe, Knight and his trusted assistant Larry Doyle worked for General Brett who gave them strange cases featuring science-fiction elements solved with espionage, aerial escapades and two-fisted action. A fine introduction by Tommy Hancock provides all the information you’ll need before diving into the tales themselves.

In The New Adventures of Richard Knight, we get six brand new adventures to add to the original canon. New Pulp scribes Josh Reynolds, Barry Reese, Terry Alexander, I. A. Watson, Frank Schildiner and Adam Lance Garciado the honors this time out and the result is a mixed bag of pulp goodies.

Reynolds gets things going with Hell’s Hands, a tale featuring aerial pirates threatening European skies. There is a lot of great action in this first outing and the villain is well drawn. For all its merits, the tale does suffer from a little too much character set up since the tale wraps up without giving us a true look at the villain. I can’t help thinking that Reynolds has plans for this baddie which will play out later. All well in good, but the absence of sufficient details in this story lessens one’s enjoyment of it. The story more than makes up for it with its lightning pace and great action sequences and is a great way to get this party started.

Richard Knight and the Stones of Heavenby Barry Reese is next up. In this yarn, Knight goes up against a group of artifact-hunting Nazis bent on created a death ray for nefarious purposes by collecting the six stones of Heaven and harnessing their strange power. Most of the action takes place on the ground, rather than in the air, but the tale moves well and is an enjoyable traditional pulp actioner that would not be out of place in Knight’s original run. Good writing and clear characterization are on display here as well, making for a fun read.

Terry Alexander gives us The Bapet, a tale with traditional horror elements as a small town is terrorized by a supernatural creature. All the makings of a good, scary action tale. However it doesn’t quite gel here. It’s as if Alexander is fitting Knight and his supporting cast to an existing plot rather than The Bapet reading like a true Knight tale. The result is a somewhat engaging read with gore and scares aplenty yet feels somehow out of place.

The Hostage Academy by I. A. Watson is another strong entry in this collection. The death of a senator in a plane crash barely crosses Knight’s radar but when the love of his love, Benita, meets a similar fate, then it’s time for this Knight to go on a crusade. Strong characterization highlight this very personal mission of Knight’s and emotions run high as the airman tries to solve a compelling mystery in his search for vengeance.

Fear From Above by Frank Schildiner has Richard Knight going it alone in an intriguing adventure slightly hampered by its wordiness. The strange disappearance of the crew of a ship out of Jack London’s The Sea Wolf leads Knight on an adventure that sets itself apart from the norm. Some great action and vivid description make for a rousing adventure in the air, on the ground and on the high seas.

Crimes of the Ancients by Adam Lance Garcia is my personal favorite in this fine collection. It starts with a bang and the pace does not let up. A character-driven tale, it features Knight going toe-to-toe and quip-to-quip with a former love interest. The plot is never fully explained but given that classic pulp tales generally featured the simple Good vs Evil plot to begin with, it’s interesting to see a detailed breakdown of the situation Knight finds himself in being left to the readers. It’s as if Garcia is saying to pulp fans: “You’ve read enough of these great action yarns, you already know what the story is here.” Although the banter did get annoying in spots, this new approach to a traditional pulp tale, the ending in particular, left a pleasant taste in this reader’s mouth after closing the book.

The New Adventures of Richard Knight is sure to please pulp fans, old and new, as well as any action junkie. It’s available in print and as an ebook so they’ve got your preferred method of reading covered. If you’re a fan of action fiction, then this book is for you. Don’t miss it!


Art: George Sellas

New Pulp Author Barry Reese announced the creative line up of writers contributing stories to Tales of The Rook Volume Two, coming soon from Pro Se Press.

Press Release:

The Rook first took flight into the world of New Pulp with the release of his debut story, “Lucifer’s Cage,” in 2006. Since then, he’s starred in six volumes of his own adventures, plus a comic book adventure in All-Star Pulp Comics # 1. The character has become a New Pulp standard-bearer and is recognized both inside and out of the ever-growing field. A favorite of many artists, The Rook has been depicted by the likes of George Sellas, Frank Brunner, Norm Breyfogle, Ed Mironiuk and Anthony Castrillo.

Art: Bob Hall

Earlier this year, Tales of The Rook Vol. 1 was released to great critical and commercial acclaim, debuting at # 1 on the New Pulp Best Seller List. Now comes of the follow-up volume, which will see print in 2013 from the Reese Unlimited imprint of Pro Se Press.

Rook creator Barry Reese says, “All of the authors who took part in Volume One did a wonderful job but I wanted to continue mixing things up, getting different visions of the character and his universe. To achieve that, I only sent out invitations to authors who didn’t take part in the previous book — and I think we’ve got one heck of a lineup!”

Pro Se Editor-in-Chief Tommy Hancock, who took part in the first volume, shares that same belief. “There’s nothing like a great idea. Except when that great idea has enough legs to come around again. Pro Se is ecstatic about Tales of the Rook Volume 2 and the ever-growing collection of writers leaving their stamp on this iconic character.’

Lined up for Volume Two:

Russ Anderson, author of We Keep the Cars Running and the editor of the How the West Was Weird series.

Jim Beard, author of Sgt. Janus, Spirit-Breaker and Captain Action – Riddle of the Glowing Men.

Adam Lance Garcia, author of The Green Lama – Unbound and The New Adventures of Richard Knight.

James Palmer,author of Slow Djinn and the mastermind behind Mechanoid Press.

Sean Taylor, author of The Ruby Files and Gene Simmons’ Dominatrix.

Creator Barry Reese will also be contributing a brand-new Rook story.

Table Talk: In the Wake of the Rook…

Cover Art: Bob Hall

Welcome back to Table Talk, a (wanna-be) weekly column where New Pulp authors Barry Reese, Bobby Nash and Mike Bullock babble on about whatever ricochets through their speakeasy. This week, the guys are still inhaling the euphoric fumes of rarified air that is the success of Tales of the Rook, the most recent release from Pro Se Press and Reese Unlimited. For those who have been on the lamb from all things New Pulp, Tales of the Rook has planted its flag squarely on the NewPulp best seller list since it debuted last month. If you haven’t read it yet, grab a copy and enjoy.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled gibber-gabber, already in progress at www.newpulpfiction.com.
Direct link: http://www.newpulpfiction.com/2012/06/table-talk-in-wake-of-rook.html

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Cover Art: Bob Hall

After a few weeks off, the guys (Barry Reese, Bobby Nash, and Mike Bullock) return to the table to discuss their involvement in Pro Se/Reese Unlimited’s most recent release Tales of the Rook.

New Pulp’s Table Talk – Tales of The Rook is now available at www.newpulpfiction.com or at the direct link: www.newpulpfiction.com/2012/06/table-talk-tales-of-rook.html

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