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Monday Mix-Up: Post-Punk Icons Reimagined As Marvel Heroes

We’d hesitate to describe any musician as a “hero”, but prompted by Butcher Billy’s new art series, we’re starting to notice the similarities.

Following on from his 2013 series of Post-Punk ‘Super Friends’, illustrator and New Wave obsessive Billy has returned to his favourite theme of dressing up the likes of The Smiths and Joy Division in super suits.

via Post-Punk Icons Reimagined As Marvel Heroes | ShortList Magazine.

Monday Mix-Up: Spock meets Spock and Carol Burnett

Monday Mix-Up: Spock meets Spock and Carol Burnett

In preparation for Star Trek Into Darkness, we present you with these dark moments…


The image supposedly is from a first season episode of The Carol Burnett Show. Surprisingly, little seems to be known about the details of why Leonard Nimoy is there in full Spock regalia. Some sources indicate that the skit uses Spock as a punchline for Burnett wanting baby advice from “Dr. Spock,” though is both supported and refuted, depending on what source you want to go with. Other sites say that the sketch is titled “Mrs. Invisible Man,” though no details about the it or why Nimoy is there are offered.

Pretty funny, though.

via Your moment of TrekZen*. | The Fog of Ward.

And we would be remiss if we didn’t point you to this meeting of the Spocks…


Monday Mix-Up: Grandpa reads a different story…

Monday Mix-Up: Grandpa reads a different story…


Guess we got lucky that Grandpa liked S. Morgenstern instead of George R.R. Martin, eh?

Only a few more days left until Peter Falk wrecks Ben Savage’s childhood even more…

Monday Mix-Up: The Simpsons Family, guy!

Monday Mix-Up: The Simpsons Family, guy!

What? I mean… what??? Has somebody gotten the scheduling screwed up on Sunday night on Fox?

I don’t know the next time April Fool’s Day falls on a Sunday, but if both The Simpsons and Family Guy are still on the air (I’ll bet they will be) I think this would be a great switch.

Monday Mix-Up: Superhero Hockey!

Monday Mix-Up: Superhero Hockey!

Now that the NHL strike is over and hockey is back, who saved the season? Superheroes!

Playing for the heroes: Batman, Spider-Man, Rogue, Gambit, and Iron Man. Playing for the villains: Bane, Joker, Mystique, Catwoman, and Deadpool… and Commissioner Gordon as the referee!



Monday Mix-Up: “The Walking Dead Christmas Special!”

Yes, it’s time for Rick, Lori, Carl, Merle, Daryl, Glenn, Maggie, Hershel, Michonne, and even that mean ol’ Governor to learn the true meaning of the holiday season in a post-apocalyptic zombie wasteland! So come along and join us now in what is sure to become an annual tradition that ranks with shooting your eye out with a Red Ryder BB Gun… it’s The Walking Dead Christmas Special!


Perhaps this was the real reason Glen Mazzara left as showrunner for next season?

And don’t forget to check back here in seven weeks for the Dexter/Homeland Valentine’s Day Spectacular!

Monday Mix-Up: ESPN does “The Princess Bride”

The Princess Bride (film)On the November 9 episode of ESPN NFL Kickoff, hosts Trey Wingo, Mark Schlereth, and Tedy Bruschi, all decided to have some fun. Apparently one of the hosts decided to make a reference to The Princess Bride, and then the hosts competed to jam as many references into a half-hour show as possible.

Here’s a video of most of them.


And here’s an interview with the anchors telling how it all came about.