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Monday Mix-Up: “The Brave And The Bold: The Lost Issues”

The patron comic book of Monday Mix-Up has always been The Brave And The Bold, a comic book that delighted in mashing up weird combinations of characters, usually Batman with characters that made almost no sense to combine with, like Deadman, Kamandi, Jonah Hex, Sgt. Rock, Adam Strange, Lois Lane, Scalphunter, the Legion of Super-Heroes, the Unknown Soldier, the Guardians of the Universe, the Joker, R’as al Ghul, and the House of Mystery. This tradition has been carried on in the TV series [[[Batman: The Brave And The Bold]]], which has included many of those combinations and added Space Ghost to boot.

But for some, those combinations just aren’t going far enough. For those, we present The Brave And The Bold: The Lost Issues. Now you can find the missing team-ups with Batman and Jack Bauer, Iron Man 2020, Spider-Man 2099, Harvey Birdman, Groo, Galactus, Dirty Harry, Darth Vader, and Adam West.

Not to be outdone, if you delve into the archives you can also find all the missing Marvel Two-In-One issues where the Thing meets Young Justice, Vampirella, Wallace & Gromit, Tintin, the Warlord, Snoopy, the Spirit, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Walking Dead, and Thing #2 and Thing #1.

Monday Mix-Up: Space, The Far East Frontier

This is something different for Monday Mix-Up– I think this is the first time a government agency has made it onto our list:

China recently unveiled the logo for its version of NASA, the Chinese National Space Administration, and it looks… let’s say it looks a little familiar. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but I feel like it looks a lot like what would happen if you mixed the logos for, say, a united federation of planets and a fleet that traveled through the stars.

via To Boldly Go Where China Has Never Gone Before » Fanboy.com.

This can’t be legit, can it? I mean, the logo has English letters in it…

Monday Mix-Up: Luke Cage, Whitewashed

Monday Mix-Up: Luke Cage, Whitewashed

Sweet Christmas. Sweet White Christmas.


One is inevitably reminded of the story Harlan Ellison tells of the movie executive who wanted to remake the movie The Wiz, but recast with all white actors.

Monday Mix-Up: Pottermoremon

Monday Mix-Up: Pottermoremon

Hello! My name is [[[J.K. Rowling]]]. And I would like to speak with you about the most amazing books…


Yes, Muggles meet Mormons as the characters from [[[Harry Potter]]] collide with the Broadway smash [[[The Book Of Mormon]]].

Of course, it’s not the first time Trey Parke and Matt Stone have met the boy wizard…


Monday Mix-Up: Sam The Eagle as Captain America

Wait, wait, wait… are there Muppets in this poster?

In spite of the giggle factor, this may be an important milestone– this may be the first official crossover between Disney and Marvel properties, promoting both Captain America: The First Avenger in theaters now, and The Muppets coming out in November.

Monday Mix-Up: The Muppets in ‘Spider-Monster: The Musical’!

Monday Mix-Up: The Muppets in ‘Spider-Monster: The Musical’!

It’s not really Monday anymore, but this is way too good to let wait.


Yes, it’s short… it’s still in previews. You’ll see the full thing in the fall, but you won’t see it on Broadway– only on Sesame Street as it starts its 42nd season. I can’t wait!