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Mechanoid Press Saddles Up for a Ride Through Some Strange Trails

ATLANTA, GA—Mechanoid Press, an innovative small press publisher of science fiction and pulp adventure, has just released their latest anthology, exploring the Weird West.
STRANGE TRAILS features exciting tales of a West that never was, written by some of the biggest names in New Pulp.
“The Weird Western is very popular today,” says Mechanoid Press publisher James Palmer. “I wanted to put something together to celebrate this bizarre yet exciting sub-genre.”
Palmer has assembled a posse of some of today’s most talented New Pulp authors. Riding the range is Josh Reynolds (Mr. Brass), Tommy Hancock and Morgan Minor (Pro Se Productions), Barry Reese (The Rook), Edward M. Erdelac (The Merkabah Rider), and Joel Jenkins (Dire Planet).
“Everyone in the book is there because they have solid New Pulp and/or Weird West chops,” says Palmer. “All the stories are terrific, and I know readers will love it.”
STRANGE TRAILS is available in print here:
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About Mechanoid Press
Mechanoid Press is an independent publisher specializing in science fiction and New Pulp e-books and books. Join the Robot Revolution at www.mechanoidpress.com, follow the ‘bot on Twitter: www.twitter.com/mechanoidpressand like them on Facebook.

Airship 27 Releases Dan Fowler G-Man Vol II


Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to announce their fifth release of the year; DAN FOWLER G-Man Vol II.  Volume One was published two years ago and well received by pulp fans warranting a second foray into the world of this classic tough guy federal agent.
One of the greatest pulp heroes of old returns in four gun-blazing new adventures.  Dan Fowler, ace investigator for the FBI, is back action, this time facing off against quartet of deadly villains; from a hideous monkey faced gang boss to avenging the murder of an uncover agent.  Along the way he’ll team up with a colorful assortment of allies from a sexy jewel thief to the none other than Jim Anthony, the Super Detective.
Writers Derrick Ferguson, Aaron Smith, Joshua Reynolds and B.C. Bell have whipped up four of the most fast paced, nail biting crime thrillers ever to grace any pulp collection.  Dan Fowler is an iconic pulp hero who, during the course of his original series, battled criminals and outlaws from rural hick bootleggers to the organized syndicates of New York and Chicago.
“Dan Fowler was by far one of the most successful classic pulp characters ever created,” declares Airship 27 Productions’ Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “If you start talking about any kind of crime fighting series, pulp fans will immediately bring up his name. It is synonymous with this particular genre of pulps. He was pretty much the Dick Tracy of the pulps. Airship 27 Productions is thrilled to be bringing him back into the spotlight of new pulp fiction with these original thrill-a-minutes tales.”
Wrapped up by a gorgeous cover from Brian McCulloch and featuring wonderful black and white interior illustrations by Neil T. Foster, DAN FOWLER G-MAN Vol II was designed by Rob Davis and edited by Ron Fortier.  So move over Elliot Ness and Melvin Purvis, here comes the great G-Man of them all, DAN FOWLER!!!
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Dan Fowler G-Man Vol. 2 back cover

New Pulp Publisher Airship 27 Productions shared the back cover to the upcoming Dan Fowler G-Man Vol. 2.

Said editor Ron Fortier on Airship 27’s Facebook page, “Over two years ago we released DAN FOWLER G-Man Vol One. Now its time for America’s ace to get back into action. Here’s a sneak-peek at the back cover to DAN FOWLER G-Man Vol Two. Coming up next from Airship 27 Productions.”

Dan Fowler G-Man Vol. 2 features stories from Derrick Ferguson, Aaron Smith, Joshua Reynolds, and B. C. Bell under a cover by Brian McCulloch and interior illustrations by Neil T. Foster.

Coming soon.




Border Offensive
By Joshua Reynolds (really)
Gold Eagle
187 pages
We were discharged from the U.S. Army and returned civilian life upon our return home from Vietnam in the summer of 1968.  Sometime shortly after that major life change, we picked up a paperback book from a new publisher called Gold Eagle; the book was “Mack Bolan – The Excutioner” and the author was Don Pendleton.  It told the story of a Vietnam veteran who comes home to Massachusetts to bury his family, all dead because of the local Mafia which the police cannot bring to justice because of lack of evidence.
Incensed that while he was fighting for his country in a foreign land, his own loved ones were being victimized back home, Bolan realizes he’s been fighting the wrong war.  He goes AWOL, arms himself and retaliates against the local mobsters responsible for killing his family. By the book’s end he is a fugitive on the run but oddly content with his new role; that of an avenging angel who will take on the mob with no regards to his own safety.  He will become their Executioner and do what the law cannot; mete out justice.
It was heady stuff but even to a twenty-one year old reader, it was also very familiar.  Having learned about pulp fiction and their history over the years, it was all too easy to recognize this new paperback series was in fact a brand new attempt at mass market pulp fiction and in his own way, Mack Bolan, had become the Shadow of our times.  Confirmation of that theory quickly followed when Gold Eagle not only began issuing new Bolan adventures monthly but also debut another series about a secret agent trained in martial arts called The Destroyer by Warren Murphy and Richard Sapir.  Just like that these two on-going action packed series launched an entire two version of American paperback pulps that would flourish throughout the 1970s.  Within months other paperback companies were putting forth their own wild and wooly series from the Black Samurai, to the Lone Wolf, the Chameleon and the Baroness to name on a very few.  By the end of that decade there were dozens of these on the bookstore racks.
Of course Pendleton, being only human after all, couldn’t possibly keep churning out book after book after book. Thus the editors of Gold Eagle adopted another practice of the old pulps; they hired ghost writers to produce books all under Pendleton’s name. As this became the norm, even after his death, the true author was given their due credit on the indicia page with the phrase, “Special thanks and acknowledgement to John Smith for his contributions to this work.”  Over the past forty years dozens of authors have found their name in this sentence.  Which brings us to this latest Executioner adventure and its author, new pulp writer Joshua Reynolds.
Being familiar with Reynolds’ work on reviving classic pulp characters ala Jim Anthony Super Detective and Dan Fowler G-Man, we decided it was time to revisit Mack Bolan after almost twenty years and see if anything had changed in the set formula of the books. Happily the tried and true elements were still there; tons of violent action with a stalwart hero who preserves despite all manner of physical duress.  Reynolds easily slips on the Executioner styling opening the book with Bolan in Mexico having just destroyed a drug cartel’s money making poppy fields.  On his way back to the states, he runs afoul of a group of Texas coyotes; men who smuggle illegal Mexican immigrants across the border for cash.  Knowing these characters to be merciless thugs, Bolan opts to investigate the situation and inadvertently interferes with an undercover border agent’s plan to bring down the two sadistic brothers running the operation.
Then Bolan and his new ally discover the coyotes are working for an al Qaeda agent named Turiq Ibn Tumart who plans on infiltrating the ranks of the poor Mexican workers with one hundred al Qaeda terrorists and in this manner smuggle them into the U.S. to wreak whatever murder and destruction they can perpetrate on unsuspecting American cities.  Now it’s up to Bolan and the young agent to find a way to stop this deadly convoy and destroy both the coyotes and their fanatical Jadhists allies.
“The Executioner – Border Offensive,” is an excellent addition to this long running series and kudos to Reynolds for this gritty, fast paced new chapter in the on-going war against evil by the one and only Mack Bolan.  Pick it up, pulp fans, you won’t be disappointed.


Punching its way into its second year, PRO SE PRESENTS keeps on Puttin’ the Monthly Back Into Pulp! PSP 13 is chock full of old favorites and new faces! Chuck Miller brings a new chapter in the world of his psychedelic Pulp character, The Black Centipede! Noted writer H. David Blalock introduces readers to ‘Kelly’s Beast’! And Joshua Reynolds returns along St. Cyprian, Pulp’s favorite Royal Occultist! Magic, madness, murder, and more! Featuring Cover Design and Art Work from Sean E. Ali, Pro Se Presents 13 comes out blazing from Pro Se Press!

Get your copy of PRO SE PRESENTS 13 today for only $6.00 in print!  Shop at the Pro Se Createspace store here!  or directly from Amazon here! Coming Soon as an Ebook!



Airship 27 Productions is super thrilled to announce the release of BLACK BAT MYSTERY, Vol Two. This is the second in their anthology series featuring all brand new adventures of one of pulpdom’s most loved heroes, the Black Bat!
Crusading Attorney Anthony Quinn believed his career was over when a criminal threw acid into his face blinding him. Months later, desperate to regain his sight, Quinn underwent a unique transplant operation which gave him the eyes of a slain lawman. Not only did the procedure work, but it also gave Quinn the ability to see in the dark.  Using this fantastic gift, he created the Black Bat, a justice seeking vigilante able to battle those villains beyond the reach of the law. Aided by his team of loyal crime-fighters, Carol Baldwin, Silk Kerby and Butch O’Leary, the Black Bat is once again on the prowl, his target, the depraved and evil denizens of his beloved city.
“This new collection of stories are so much fun,” stated Managing Editor, Ron Fortier.  “We knew after the success of Volume One, we needed to really find other unique and original stories that our readers would appreciate.”  New pulp writers, Aaron Smith, Joshua Reynolds, Jim Beard and Frank Byrns offer up a deadly quartet of fast pace action thrills.  There are traditional pulp themed plots that pit the Black Bat against super human Nazis monsters and mysterious aircrafts terrorizing a small town.  But at the same time there is Frank Byrn’s yarn about corrupt politicians involved with Major League Baseball.  “The idea of using a 1930s baseball background for a Black Bat adventure was extremely exciting for us,” Fortier continued.  “And then there’s Reynolds story that has him teaming up with another classic pulp legend, Jim Anthony the Super Detective.  Now who doesn’t love a good pulp team-up?”
The book features a stunning cover by Ingrid Hardy and Rob Davis based on Byrn’s story and has gorgeous interior illustrations by Andres Labrada.  BLACK BAT MYSTERY Vol. Two is another great pulp collection from the high flying Airship 27 Productions you won’t want to miss.
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Airship 27 Productions weights anchor and unfurls its sails to launch a new sea going series set in the lush, tropical paradises that appear like green jewels in the blue waters of the Pacific.
In the middle of the South Sea is the island of Motugra, so named by the natives. It has the only deep water port in this island chain.  On Motugra you’ll find THE HANGING MONKEY, an inn and bar owned and operated by Irish ex-patriot Corky O’Brien.  Here gather some of the most colorful rogues, scalawags and pirates ever to ply the trade routes of the Pacific during the late 1930s.
Enter and meet Khuna, the bar’s bouncer and former headhunter.  Miko, the slim and beautiful Chinese girl with the mysterious past.  One eyed Captain Nick Fortune, owner of the schooner Fortune’s Folly and air freight pilot, Jimmy Dolan. And don’t forget ace reporter, the lovely blond Grace Thomas.  All of these characters spring from the mind of writer Bill Craig as homage to the classic pulp island stories of yesterday.
Along for the ride, Craig is joined by Derrick Ferguson, Joshua Reynolds and Tommy Hancock.  Here are four fast paced, island adventures guaranteed to whisk your imagination to tropical paradises of warm breezes, swaying palm trees and crystal blue waters.  Where danger can lurk behind the smile of an alluring native girl and a man’s fists are as important as his wits. 
Painting teacher Daniel Ibanez provides the poster-like cover that perfectly captures the allure of these exotic stories while artist Clayton Hinkle adds nine interior illustrations plus a bonus section of character pin-up sketches.  All deftly plotted by Rob Davis, Art Director and edited by Ron Fortier.
So hitch up your gunbelt, cock your pilot’s cap and swing the door’s open…Welcome to The Hanging Monkey!

Available at;
$3 digital download –
Amazon.com/Create Space
And soon from (www.IndyPlanet.com)