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Review: ‘Gotham Central: Book One’ by Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka

The Gotham police force has been around for pretty much as long as there’s been a [[[Batman]]]. But aside from James Gordon, the cops have always amounted to essentially cannon fodder, either dying at the hands of the rogues or vainly attempting to bring in the Bat during his various stints as a wanted man.

In other words, the cops have always only existed as extras in the blockbuster Batman stories. Writers Ed Brubaker and Greg Rucka flip that equation in [[[Gotham Central]]], starting with the cops — specifically the unit working metahuman cases — and only bringing Batman in as a vague background player, almost a deus ex machina who both enrages and inspires the force.

It’s not especially different from Brian Michael Bendis’ [[[Powers]]], except in how that series exaggerates policing for maximum bombast while Gotham Central more effectively captures the often droll, depressing and cynical atmosphere of a police department (In case you question my bona fides, I worked as a crime reporter for years). Collected now in a nice hardcover, the first volume of the series features two stories, one about the death of a cop and another about the public outing of Detective Renee Montoya.

With well-suited art from Michael Lark that firmly grounds the story, the writers drop readers immediately into a full precinct (it does get a little fuzzy keeping track of who’s who) as one cop is killed by Mr. Freeze. The obvious angle they explore is how mere humans can try to take down a bad guy with so much power, and how they resent Batman for always having to bail them out.

Thankfully the book goes much deeper than that, and Brubaker lends just as much pathos to these detectives as he does to his dealers, robbers and thugs in his series [[[Criminal]]]. None more so than Montoya, who is here developed as one of the most realistic lesbian comic book characters yet seen. In fact, her story, “Half a Life” was justly recognized with several awards. Sadly DC editorial later let that characterization drop in favor of hot-chicks-in-lingerie scenes in 52.

There’s a funny blurb on this book’s cover, saying it’s the “best Batman comic published,” which is both sad and true. One can only wonder if the team of Brubaker and Lark had been handed the Batman duties, instead of going on to bring their brand of realism and slick plotting to [[[Captain America]]].

And we’ll probably never know. But it doesn’t diminish at all what they and Rucka accomplished in Gotham Central.

New Info Revealed on ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’

New Info Revealed on ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’

Previously, my ComicMix colleague Rick Marshall brought you a first look at DC Comics and Warner Bros. animated direct-to-DVD anthology Batman: Gotham Knight. The film, designed to fill the gap between Batman Begins and Batman: The Dark Knight, features the work of several notable writers including Josh Olson, David S. Goyer, Alan Burnett, Jordan Goldberg, Greg Rucka and Brian Azzarello.

This time around, thanks to an official press release, I can also let you in on some more details about the film, including who the directors are and the release date. According to the site, directing the anthology stories will be Shojiro Nishimi, Futoshi Higashide, Hiroshi Morioka, Yasuhiro Aoki and Toshiyuki Kubooka.

In addition, the stories in the anthology will include "thrilling new adventures of Batman that spotlight several of Gotham City’s most dangerous villains, including the fearsome Scarecrow, the freakish Killer Croc and the unnerving marksman known as Deadshot."

Batman: Gotham Knights comes out on DVD and Blu-Ray on June 8th.


First Look: ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’ Video

First Look: ‘Batman: Gotham Knight’ Video


A preview has hit the ‘Net of Batman: Gotham Knight, the straight-to-DVD animated anthology intended to bridge the gap between the big-screen feature film Batman Begins and its upcoming sequel The Dark Knight.

You can watch the preview below, which includes commentary from ComicMix columnist (and former Batman Group Editor) Dennis O’Neil



The creative team for the film includes such Batman comics notables as Bruce W. Timm, who directs the anthology, as well as Brian Azzarello, David S. Goyer and Greg Rucka. According to IMDb, actor Christian Bale will voice Batman.

Confirmed characters in the feature include Deadshot, Killer Croc, the Scarecrow and Man-Bat.

Batman: Gotham Knight is scheduled for release this year, but no specific date has been announced.

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Catching Up With DC’s Lesbian Superheroes

Catching Up With DC’s Lesbian Superheroes

Advocate.com recently posted this online-exclusive look at the lesbian superheroes of the DC Universe, specifically The Question and Batwoman, which features some thoughts on the subject from DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio and Crime Bible: The Five Lessons of Blood writer Greg Rucka, among others.

"When we introduced Batwoman we wanted to make the readers very aware of the fact she was gay, but more importantly that she was a strong superhero in her own right. The stories and the characters always come first." says DiDio. "We don’t make decisions like, ‘Let’s tackle racism or homophobia in the next issue of Superman.’ Gay and lesbian heroes — and villains — are a part of the DC Universe, and their stories are just as interesting as the straight ones."


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Is Barry Allen back?

Is Barry Allen back?

At the NYCC “DCU: A Better Tomorrow – Today” panel, DC Executive Editor Dan DiDio may have let the cat out of the bag.

DiDio was asked if in the Countdown teaser image The Flash was Barry Allen and Red Robin was Jason Todd. DiDio got flustered before answering “yes.”

This drew icy stares from the rest of the panel members and applause from the crowd. DiDio’s mic was taken away for the remainder of the panel. The final question for the panel was “Who would you like to kill during Countdown?” and Greg Rucka closed the panel by looking at DiDio and saying, “I’m looking at him.”

A good time was had by all.



To nobody’s surprise, DC will be out in force at the upcoming New York Comic Con. Under the direction of DC President & Publisher Paul Levitz, nearly every member of the New York DC Universe and Vertigo editorial groups will be at the show, along with personnel from WildStorm, Editorial Administration, Creative Services, Sales & Marketing and other departments. DC also will sponsor several panels at the convention. A partial list of DC freelancers (writers and pencillers) attending the convention follows after the fold, as does their panel schedule.