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FX producing ‘Powers’ pilot

FX producing ‘Powers’ pilot

Powers (comics)

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FX has ordered a pilot episode for a series based on Powers, the comic series from Brian Michael Bendis and Michael Avon Oeming.

The network’s SVP of public relations made the announcement yesterday on Twitter. Bendis himself twittered:

Powers pilot was just greenlit by FX! it’s official! your window of reading Powers while it was still cool is running out :)

The potential series is a co-production between FX Productions and Sony, and the pilot episode will be scripted by Charles Eglee, who has bonafides in both mysteries and cop shows (executive producer of The Shield and Dexter and the creator of Murder One) and comics and SF (exec producer of The Walking Dead and creator of Dark Angel).

Powers follows a pair of detectives as they investigate a number of murders in a superpowered world. The creator-owned series was launched by Image Comics in 2000, before moving over to Marvel’s Icon imprint in 2004. A television series has been rumored for years, and was known to be Eglee’s next project after leaving The Walking Dead months ago.

Bendis writes too much stuff for Marvel to list, while Oeming is known for Hammer Of The Gods with Mark Wheatley for ComicMix, as well as Mice Templar, Thor, Alpha Flight, Bluntman and Chronic, Hellboy, Catwoman, and Quixote. Congrats to both of them.

The Point Radio: ARCHER Pushes The Edge

The Point Radio: ARCHER Pushes The Edge

We’ve got more from behind the scenes at FX Network’s hot animated series, ARCHER, including what’s coming up in this new season and the one thing that even shocked the cast! Plus ready to buy your ComicCon tickets – and did you now there is a variant to FF #587 that no one may ever see?

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#SDCC: Guinness World Record-breaking

#SDCC: Guinness World Record-breaking

One of the vast hordes wandering around the San Diego Comic-Con was Craig Glenday, the Editor-in-Chief of Guinness World Records, who was busy handing out numerous certificates to various and sundry folks. To wit:

  • Farscape for Most digital FX in a TV series (40-50 per ep, 7 days per ep, 22 ep a year! Season 3 alone: 1109 shots)
  • DC Comics for Longest running monthly comic book (presented to Paul Levitz)
  • Largest gathering of zombies, for the Zombie Parade that wandered the streets of San Diego looking for sweet, sweet braaaains.
  • The most people ever to recite the Green Lantern oath in unison (still checking on that one).
  • The 501st Legion for being the Largest Star Wars costuming group.
  • Largest gathering of Steampunks.
  • Doctor Who for “Most successful sci-fi show on TV”. According to Glenday, the record is based on longevity, DVD sales, spinoff books, iPlayer stats, downloads… (Yes, go ahead and argue that, you know you want to.)
  • Longest line ever: getting into Hall H for the Twilight pa– okay, that last one probably isn’t a record. But I’ll bet it was in the running.
FX sets Return Dates for ‘Nip/Tuck’ and ‘Damages’

FX sets Return Dates for ‘Nip/Tuck’ and ‘Damages’

FX announced the return dates of two of its award-winning dramas, Nip/Tuck and Damages.  The continuation of the fifth season of Nip/Tuck begins on Tuesday, January 6 at 10 p.m. for eight weeks, while the second season of Damages premieres on Wednesday, January 7 at 10 p.m. with 13 new episodes.

Nip/Tuck revolves around the lives of Dr. Sean McNamara (Dylan Walsh) and Dr. Christian Troy (Julian McMahon), two plastic surgeons, close friends and business partners who run McNamara/Troy, an overwhelmingly successful plastic surgery practice. 

Earlier this season, Sean and Christian departed Miami for Los Angeles seeking a fresh start for McNamara/Troy in a new city.  As season five continues, Sean tries to re-build his life after surviving a brutal attack from Colleen Rose.  McNamara/Troy faces an unexpected, serious medical crisis. Christian decides to settle down with one woman and Sean discovers a new love in a moment of extreme vulnerability.

Guest stars include Sharon Gless, Portia de Rossi, AnnaLynne McCord, Bradley Cooper, John Schneider, Jennifer Coolidge, Morgan Fairchild and Katee Sackoff.

Damages, fresh off its Emmy wins for Outstanding Lead Actress (Glenn Close) and Outstanding Supporting Actor (Željko Ivanek), follows the turbulent lives of Patty Hewes (Glenn Close), the nation’s most revered and reviled high-stakes litigator and her bright, ambitious young protégé Ellen Parsons (Rose Byrne).

After her unprecedented victory over billionaire Arthur Frobisher (Ted Danson), Patty Hewes has the legal world at her feet.  Just as she’s pondering her next move, Daniel Purcell (William Hurt), a man from Patty’s mysterious past, storms back into her life, catapulting Patty into a new legal challenge. 

At the same time, Ellen is on a mission to take down Patty.  She’s agreed to act as an informant for the FBI, assisting them in their criminal investigation of Patty and the firm.  As Patty unravels the mystery surrounding Daniel Purcell, she must also negotiate the perilous minefield both inside and outside her office.

In addition to Academy Award winner William Hurt, Academy Award winner Marcia Gay Harden and Timothy Olyphant join the cast of Damages for its second season. 

Review: Jackie Chan and Jet Li in ‘Forbidden Kingdom’

Granted, I’m not the sort of person you should see this film with. As the author of multiple martial art movie books, a martial art hall of fame member, a tournament gold medal recipient, the co-creator of Jackie Chan’s Spartan X comic book, and a columnist for Inside Kung-Fu magazine, I’m like that history expert at a war movie who grumbles things like “that plane wasn’t in service until the following year,” or “that isn’t the right insignia!”

Even so, suppose you had two of the film industry’s greatest, say, dancers, like Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly. Would you attach unnecessary, distracting wires to them in virtually every scene, diminish their physical genius with intrusive special effects, jerk the camera around with every move so their choreography was obscured, convince them that all “the kids” wanted to see was the peppermint twist, paste together a plot that showcased the dance culture of Zanzibar, and saddle them with a pretty, vapid (or pretty vapid) supporting cast who could dance about as well as Fred and Gene could sew?

Well, that’s pretty close to what they did to Jackie Chan and Jet Li in [[[Forbidden Kingdom]]], not to mention choreographer and executive producer (in name only) Yuen Wo-ping. The wire and FX stuff is a precise comparison to the previous paragraph’s dance fantasy, but it really starts getting insulting when someone obviously told all involved that “Ultimate Fighting” was really what Americans wanted– dooming Jackie and Jet to monotonous straight-armed punches and kicks throughout, without an iota of the versatile, involving brilliance they display in their many kung-fu classics.


ComicMix Radio: Back In The Flash

ComicMix Radio: Back In The Flash

It’s a new direction for The Flash, a boat-load of second printing variant comics, and no less than two Katee Sackoff DVDs that hit the stores this week. We’ve got your new comics & DVD rundown, plus:

— Marvel and FX cook up a movie deal

— NBC courts Christian Slater

— It’s in the cards for Speed Racer at Topps

—  And we feel so generous that here is a hint for today’s new trivia question that is worth an  exclusive Graham Crackers Comics variant — and you win by e-mailing us at: podcast [at] comicmix.com

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Iron Man’s all shiny!

Iron Man’s all shiny!

Thanks, Entertainment Weekly!  This is the shiznit!

Okay, I know lots of people out there liked the old square tincan one, but this — this is sleek and brassy and colorful and… well, it just looks like I’d picture Iron Man’s armor looking.

Kudos to FX guy Stan Winston, who designed them to fit on a real-life and, we’re figuring, increasingly sweaty Robert Downey, Jr.

Also?  IESB has some video from the set of the Iron Man movie.