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Audio Comics Takes the Battle to LA

Starting September 1, AudioComics will begin taking pre-orders for the audio drama adaptation of Moonstone Entertainment‘s “Battle for LA,” starring the Phantom Detective, the Black Bat, the Domino Lady, Secret Agent X, and Airboy.

“Battle” will be released as a digital download October 1, available exclusively through the AudioComics website at www.audiocomicscompany.com!

Between September 1 and October 1, you can preorder the “Battle” MP3 for $6.45 ($1.50 off the retail


price of $7.95).

Plus you will receive a FREE episode from AudioComics’ “Horrorscopes” series!

Learn more about Battle for LA here and here.

Nocturne Travel Agency Interviews New Pulp Author Bobby Nash


New Pulp Author Bobby Nash sits down with Nocturne Travel Agency host, Tom Deja for a rousing discussion of…well, all things Bobby Nash [his favorite topic, naturally ;)]. Bobby explains how he got into writing and the process he went through to get Evil Ways published. He blames Sean Taylor for the creation of Rick Ruby and The Ruby Files and Bobby and Tom talk at length about the Domino Lady and Honey West! 50 minutes of pure writer-y goodness, don’t delay, press play!

You can listen to the second episode of the Nocturne Travel Agency podcast here.

Monnstone Announces The Spider and a New Printingof the Domino Lady Sex as a Weapon Coming in October

Moonstone Books has released their October 2013 solicitations.

Cover Art: Dan Brereton

Story: Martin Powell
Art: Hannibal King, Pablo Marcos
Cover: Dan Brereton
7” x 10”, grayscale, 106pgs, $12.95

Previews Exclusive!

**Includes the never-before-published issue #3, and a brand new illustrated short story!**

The original Spider, the most ruthless and relentless crime fighter of all time, (hated by both the Law and the Underworld) mows down crime in these Moonstone pulp action tales!

This volume also includes reprints “The Spider #1 & #2, “Return of the Monsters: The Spider vs Werewolf”, The Spider XMAS , plus the prose short story “City of the Melting Dead”.

*includes a foreword by Elizabeth Bissette, the great niece of the man who wrote the majority of original Spider tales: Norvell Page!

Cover Art: Uwe Jarling

Story: Nancy Holder, Chuck Dixon, Bobby Nash, and more
Edited by: Lori Gentile
Interior Art: Ver Curtiss
Cover: Uwe Jarling
222pgs, Squarebound, 6” x 9”, $16.95

Previews Exclusive!

New printing of this long sold-out collection!

Stunned and enraged by the murder of her crusading politician father, beautiful socialite Ellen Patrick becomes determined to bring her father’s killers to justice…at any cost.  A talented Berkley graduate, she knows that to truly fight the men who killed her father she must break all the rules.  Donning a distinctive white dress and a black domino mask, she becomes The Domino Lady, one of the sexiest –and most elusive—crime fighters of all time.


Nine all-new tales of one of the world’s first female masked crime fighters, by Nancy Holder, Chuck Dixon, CJ Henderson, Martin Powell, Ron Fortier, James  Chambers, Bobby Nash, Gail McAbee. Introduction: Mystery Writers of America Raven Award winner Joan Hansen!

Charlotte Geeks: New Pulp Author Bobby Nash Answers 5 Questions

Bobby Nash and friend

Charlotte Geeks’ Joey Paquette asked New Pulp author, Bobby Nash 5 questions and he tried to answer them seriously. Or so he claims. Check out Bobby’s answers here.

About Charlotte Geeks:
The Charlotte Geeks are a blended family of individuals who enjoy a multitude of fandoms in the sci fi, fantasy, anime, online, and gaming realms.  We strive to provide our members with a feeling of acceptance and inclusion along with a social outlet where we can all freely “geek out” without prejudice or ridicule.  We are a social organization that boasts free membership and free thinking (and as available, free fun!).  We do not operate for profit, nor do any of the members of the leadership team receive any compensation for their efforts.

You can read 5 Questions With Bobby Nash here.


Reese Unlimited, an author centered imprint of Pro Se Productions, proudly announces the release of the special edition second volume collection of one of New Pulp’s best known  and loved heroes!  THE ROOK VOLUME 2 SPECIAL EDITION by multiple award winning author Barry Reese is now available in print and ebook format!

THE ROOK VOLUME 2-SPECIAL EDITION is a newly edited, newly formatted Pro Se edition of the second volume of Reese’s Rook Series.   The adventures of Max Davies, tortured masked hero and defender against evil of all kinds, continue intypical Reese two fisted, double barreled action in this collection of stories.  Continuing his battle against the supernatural, The Rook discovers more about his own tragic destiny while battling darknesses vile and ancient!   He also discovers he is not alone in his fight, teaming up with Classic Pulp heroine, The Domino Lady, and the Russian near superman Leonid Kaslov, another one of Reese’s wonderful New Pulp Heroes.
Even with companions, though, The Rook continues a solitary war, striking out at villains because he has been given no other choice!
“The Rook,” Tommy Hancock, Editor in Chief and Partner in Pro Se stated, “is one of the first names people bring up when a discussion of New Pulp heroes starts.  Barry struck such a necessary chord with the creation of Max and company, combining classic Pulp sensibilities with his love for the expansiveness comic books allowed with cast and such, and adding his own very unique twist to the mix.  Pro Se is proud to be able to put its own unique touch on the early adventures of The Rook in these Special Edition collections from Reese Unlimited.”
THE ROOK VOLUME 2-SPECIAL EDITION features the six originalstories of the collection, all newly edited by David White, as well as an updated timeline of Reese’s shared universe in which he writes!  The edition also includes a stunning new cover and accompanying brand new illustrations by award winning Pulp Artist George Sellas!  With logo and cover design and print formatting by Sean Ali and ebook formatting by Russ Anderson, THE ROOK VOLUME 2-SPECIAL EDITION is the second from Pro Se in the SPECIAL EDITION series collecting the classic tales of Reese’s seminal creation!

THE ROOK VOLUME 2 – SPECIAL EDITION is now available at Amazon at http://tinyurl.com/d3ctcus, at Barnes and Noble at http://tinyurl.com/bq4ns9q and through Pro Se’s own store at http://tinyurl.com/bpmtega for $18.00.  Available via Kindle WITH INTERIOR ILLUSTRATIONS INCLUDED at http://tinyurl.com/cxxoblr and available at www.smashwords.com and via the Nook at http://tinyurl.com/bq4ns9q for $4.99!


iPulpFiction.com turns the spotlight on New Pulp Author Bobby Nash beginning today, April 1st (and nope, this isn’t an April Fool’s Joke). Look for Bobby’s stories from Frontier, Doc Dresden: The Immortal, The Green Hornet, Lance Star: Sky Ranger, and Domino Lady, all specially formatted for your mobile devices. Perfect for those who like to read on the go.


Coming in April to iPulpFiction.com

This April, iPulpFiction.com is proud to featured works from the 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winner for Best Author Bobby Nash

From his secret lair in the wilds of Bethlehem, Georgia, Bobby Nash, the 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winner for Best Author, writes a little bit of everything including novels, comic books, short prose, novellas, graphic novels, screenplays, media tie-ins, and even a little pulp fiction just for good measure. And he sleeps at least once a week, whether he needs it or not.

Two new iPulp series, Frontier and Doc Dresden: The Immortal will be available on April first, along with stories featuring Lance Star: Sky Ranger, Domino Lady, and The Green Hornet.


Frontier is a collection of sci-fi themed short stories from 2013 Pulp Ark Award-Winning Best Author, Bobby Nash. With Frontier, the author of Earthstrike Agenda, Evil Ways, and Deadly Games! presents a collection of rarely seen tales presented tales as well as some never before published stories. From Earth to alien planets and to the deepest recesses of space, Frontier features action, adventure, horror, and even a little romance.

340 year old Nathanial Dresden, “Doc” to his friends, is an explorer and adventurer at heart. For the last several centuries he has had many fantastic adventures. In present day, he works at (and secretly co-owns) Solutions Inc., a think tank/troubleshooting company. Solutions Inc. is the go to company when you need answers. Join Doc and his comrades as they travel the globe in search of adventure.


“With the whole world wallowing in pointless, plotless fiction, iPulp greets the reader like a breath of fresh adrenaline.” — David Lubar, Award-winning author of Hidden Talents

In the past, dime novels and other forms of pulp fiction influenced writers of genre fiction such as Ray Bradbury, Raymond Chandler, and H. P. Lovecraft. It was a time when kids carried a dime novel folded in their hip pocket or nestled out of sight in their schoolbooks.

Today, the pulps are mostly gone. iPulpFiction.com reinvents the genre short story market by taking pulp fiction to the mobile generation — to be hidden among digital textbooks on a tablet or tucked away on a smartphone in a hip pocket.

Visit iPulpFiction.com to learn more.
Learn more about 2013 Pulp Ark Award Winning Best Author, Bobby Nash at www.bobbynash.com

Welcome to ipulpfiction.com


New Pulp Author Bobby Nash announced three upcoming New Pulp projects on his website, www.bobbynash.com. The author will be penning a Domino lady novel and a Honey West/Domino Lady novel for Moonstone Books and a Fight Card novel for Fight Card Books.

From the author’s website:

Domino Lady “Strange Bedfellows”
A novel by Bobby Nash
Coming soon from Moonstone Books

Rob Wyatt is making a run for the Governor’s Mansion and Ellen Patrick , The Domino Lady, is doing everything in her power to keep him out of it. She knows that he is involved with organized crime, but finding proof of it has proven difficult.

Wyatt’s opponent is Douglas Hart. For all intents and purposes, he seems like the perfect candidate, if not a tad bit young for the job. Ellen throws her support behind Hart’s campaign, among other things. She finds Hart very attractive and starts up a hot and steamy romance. Could the Domino Lady finally have found a man to tame her?

Probably not. By night she continues her efforts to thwart Wyatt’s run for the Governor’s Mansion, which has brought he to the attention of the politician’s backers, the mob. They call in The Cleaner to put out a hit on both the Domino Lady and Douglas Hart.

Can Domino Lady stop Rob Wyatt and those backing him before it’s too late?

Honey West/Domino Lady
A novel by Bobby Nash
Coming soon from Moonstone Books

I will be writing a new novel that teams up famed private detective from TV and novels, HONEY WEST with the DOMINO LADY in a brand new thriller. The novel is still in the early plotting stages, but I’m having a blast looking ahead to Ellen Patrick’s future as an older Domino Lady continues her mission against corruption in the 1960s. As much fun as writing Domino Lady again has been, I’m over the Moon at the chance to write Honey West, a character I enjoyed in the short-lived television series starring the late Anne Francis.

Honey West will be the second character from television I’ve had the opportunity to write after two turns writing the adventures of the Green Hornet and Kato. It’s going to be fun.

Fight Card: Barefoot Bones
A novel by Bobby Nash
Coming soon from Fight Card Books

Coming later in the year will be my novel, Fight Card: “Barefoot Bones.” Although still in the early stages, the novel will tell the story of the man known as “Barefoot Bones” from his less than stellar beginnings in the deep south where he learned to fight out of necessity. Then came a fateful encounter with Father Tim at St. Vincent’s in Chicago taught him the sweet science of boxing. And from there to a battlefield in Korea where the stakes had never been higher. The one constant in Bones’ life has been fighting. Lucky for him, he’s good at it.

Keep watching www.bobbynash.com and All Pulp for more details on these projects as they become available.


New Pulp Publisher Moonstone Books has released solicitation information for books arriving in stores May 2013.

Written by Nancy Holder (with Bobby Nash), art by Nick Diaz, colors by James Brown, cover by Mark Sparacio.

A two-part murder mystery set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt! Domino Lady and Sherlock Holmes team up to solve the riddle of the Sphinx… ok, not really, but they do solve this riddle of passion, identity, and antiquity!

32 pages, $3.99.

You can see preview pages from Domino Lady/Sherlock Holmes here and here.

Written by C.J. Henderson, art by Robert Hack, colors by Jason Jensen.

The Necromonicon trilogy is finished! Parts 2 and 3 are long since sold out, but Moonstone has included a brand-new prequel story! New softcover edition replaces the sold-out HC!

Carl Kolchak, whether he wants the mantle or not, is the world;s premier supernatural investigator. Vampires, werewolves, witches, demons, he has seen it all. Or … has he? Can even all the horrors he has stumbled across prepare him for the monstrous denizens of the Lovecraft Mythos, let alone its most damned volume, the Necronomicon? Told in widevision.

188 pages, $23.95.

Written by Will Murray, Ron Fortier, C.J. Henderson, and more, cover by Malcolm McClinton.

New short stories of prose starring pulpdom’s most violent and ruthless crime fighter ever: The Spider! More just than the law, more dangerous than the Underworld…hated, feared and wanted by both!

One cloaked, fanged, border-line crazy denizen of the dark force-feeding hard justice with a pair of 45’s! Guest starring: The Black Bat, The Green Ghost, and Operator 5!

Featuring stories by Will Murray, Mel Odom, C.J. Henderson, James Chambers, Ron Fortier, Bobby Nash, Howard Hopkins, Eric Fein, Gary Phillips, Don Roff, Matthew Baugh, I.A. Wilson, and Rik Hoskin.

Softcover, 288 pages, $19.95; Hardcover, 288 pages, $29.99.

Learn more about Moonstone Books at www.moonstonebooks.com


Moonstone BooksPhases of the Moon #1 Domino Lady/The Spider trade paperback will ship to comic shops on January 11, 2013. Written by Steven L. Frank, Phases of the Moon #1 Domino Lady/The Spider features art by Remy Mokhtar and Bill McKay.

About Phases of the Moon #1 Domino Lady/The Spider:
A story arc so encompassing, it spans three flip comics, six Moonstone titles and several decades! A serial killer is terrorizing the city, but while The Spider investigates, all clues lead to his involvement and Domino Lady plans to stop him in his tracks. All is not as it seems, as the killer operates with equipment not of this time!

Learn more about Domino Lady here.
Learn more about The Spider here.
Learn more about Phases of the Moon here.


Moonstone Books has released their solicitation information for their pulp titles appearing in bookstores and comic book shops April 2013. These titles are available now for pre-order through your favorite bookseller.

Story: Nancy Holder
Art: Reno Maniquis
Colors: James Brown
Cover: Paul
33pgs, color, 7” x 10”, $3.99
Join NY TIMES best-selling author Nancy Holder in this 2-part murder mystery set against the backdrop of ancient Egypt!

Domino Lady and Sherlock Holmes team up to solve the riddle of the Sphinx…ok, not really, but they do solve this riddle of passion, identity, and antiquity!

Author: Nancy Holder
Art: Danny Sempere, Reno Maniquis
Colors: Jason Jensen
Cover: Matt Larson
240pgs, color, 7” x 10”, $25.95
ISBN: 978-1-936814-40-4

Nancy Holder’s murder mysteries set in old Hollywood featuring the hypnotically alluring Domino Lady! She’s tough as nails, and sexy as all hell!

This massive color tome reprints “Domino Lady #1-5”, “Domino Lady: Noir”, and “Domino Lady: 3 some”!

Author: CJ Henderson
Art: Kieran Yanner
Cover: Michael Stribling
120pgs, 6” x 9”, grayscale, sc, $9.99
ISBN: 978-1-936814-06-0

Lai Wan: the Dreamwalker, seer and prophet, able to walk between realities, feared by any who embrace evil because of her one, terrible power–the ability to always know the absolute truth. At long last, Moonstone has gathered all the graphic stories of Lai Wan, CJ Henderson’s fantastic break-out character from his popular Teddy London novel series, into one beautiful collection, while adding two great prose bonuses: a team-up between Lai Wan and Kolchak, and a never-before seen novella, Terrible Anticipation, a sequel to H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dunwich Horror!

Learn more about Moonstone Books at www.moonstonebooks.com.